Dear Diary..

Sunday, November 14, 2010


How wiLL yOU descriBe my feelinG wHen yo MO said ThaT tO Yu aFTer yU sPenT abOut 2 hOUrs finishing aLL the waRd roUNd by yOurSelf aNd waitEd for hiM juSt tO syNc the report?

aLL HoUse officerS are eligibLe to GeT 2 day Off aFter workinG for 12 dayS of iNterupTed workinG dayS. sO, it depeNds on hOw yOur waRd specialisT aRraNGed the day off for his/Her HOs.sO, froM mY side, mY LoVEy-DuVEY SpECIALisT gaVe us 1 daY of over the weekend.and me anD haFyz need tO plan whO's gOna worK oN suNday and wHo's oN saturday.
our BELOVED mo have this UNSATISFIED FEELING towaRDs the days off That had been given to HO's. i doNo y, buT They reaLLy neeD BOTH of us to be in The waRD doiNg the round on BOTH suNdaY aND satUrday.reasON: HAfyZ 's still new, i Need tO guidE him.SUMMARY: NO DAY OFF FOR US..bOdoh.
So the issUe now, they Are not satisFY wif me, cause i msGed dR sakthis tO inform that me n hafiz r not goinG tO haVe our day off thiS weekend (abi - ouR lead HO said anything can sTraightly be discuss wif specialist - new rules!)..sO..maYbe dr sakthiS calleD dr siva la kot ckP itu ini itU ini kan..sO panaS la memBer tuuu....sO sUmmary nYe dr siVa da tanaK ckP aPe2 nGn akU da lpas nih.die soH aKu straight ckp nGn dr sakthis.Better kot. haih, da jadi MO pon emO lagi..asyik doK ulanG ayat yg same - "we Used to be in yoUr sHoesss...bUt we worKed 365dayssss per Year" CRAP.BULLSHIT la tambi!


Monday, November 1, 2010

hOW tO be A gOOd Doctor

first anD foremoSt, tO b a GOod Doctor, Yu hev tO knOw wat yuR doinG. aRE yu DOING yO jOb or Yu Just  hEV to dO yO jOB becausE ITS Yo JoB.
jd HO mMG byK cabaraN. YU heV tO wAke uP reaLLY early in the MOrninG becaUSe there's a toNSSSSSS of bottlE det need to be fiLLed in  wIf bLood bEfOre yO so-heLpfuL MO cOMe aND do the waRd rouNdS. tHen, foLLow the roUNds, then yU ll Be GiveN AGAIN toNSsss of bLood Bottle to be fiLLEd in again..(repeaT bLood KATENYE)..patIenTs da nYumpah2 kat aKU..."haiYaaaaaa doktoo..hali2 maHU anGkaT dalah..kasi MAti saja saMa saya lagi bagOSss"..BebuiH la PUlak mulOt akU nk kne exPlain..itu ini...fiNe..
caSe referraL : "iZneEee..aWk tolOng refer BEd nii tO cardiO..BeD nii tO nePhrO.." begegas gitu aKU pegi aMik fiLe patienT..KEne Belek saTu2 cAse die..Kene Plak akU yg lemBaP ni Kan..caLL carDiO..pUppp Kene MAraH sedas.."aWaK niiii TataU keS caNE nK refer..PanggIl yO MO now!" Kene MAraH jugak?haih, niaT hati nK tolOnG MO LA duGaaN..tK kNe maraH caNE nk Blaja kan..?right!
humm..bUT whaT if..yU have doNe nOthinG wroNG(kot..) bUt oTher MOs are talkiNG abOut yU behind yo bacK.withoUt Telling yu wat's gOInG oN..waT haVE yu doNe wroNg..tHey duN even haVE gUTS to tell Me iNfroNt Of MY face.stupidO really. TheSe ppl aRe reaLLy gettinG into mY nerves!
I duncare if tHey waNa telL me whaT haVe i done wrong, but pLS la. duN talk behiNd My bacK.its sO not professioNaL..kan?haih..Br masoK keje SbUlaN tp da mcm2 haL jd..nK mnanGis?haih, so not wortH it.sedih?mmG la sedih tP maraH tuh lagi byk dr sedih, caUse i tot These ppl realLy haVe braiNS, but they duN even haVE one.pakai lutot je.haih!


Monday, October 4, 2010

buKaN snG nK senanG :)

hum..itS my 7th daY of poStinG...and i duN thinK i waSteD all mY tiMe camtu Je...liKe ade OrG kisah ke iZnee..(huu...emO plaaakk..??HAHA)...lOTsa thinG i Learnt froM here..dgN HO tak cukOPonye...dgN byK giLe mNde Br nK kNe Blaja..bkN sNg jd doKto..kaLO stakat thEory Blaja HebaT, tp tk cukoP skill dlM practice..saMaaa sajaa cita diaaa..MO akU pnh ckP..."iZnee. LearN froM exPerieNce..benDe tuh kt x akaN dpt dlM tHeory...tHeorY tuh skitt je..."..yeS i do beliEve her..caUSe sHe's noW hAs beeN a gReaT MO!aNd baik!anD palinG saba dgN aKU..!haha..dlM aKU waT senGaL kraBU die bOle lagi panggil akU ADEK..sweeT kan?hihihuM tp esoK akU da nK tuKa ward.mcM taK seswai akU doK kaT medical 2 uh..byK sgT case..tOo mucH tO Be thinK of..sO SHAhrul aka HO yg da nK abIs 1sT poSting(4 mOnthS) traNSfer akU dkt HEmatOloGi dept..sNG skIt kaTEnYE..kE die naK raGginG aKu..mmG akU tak maapKan kturuNan die dOnie akHirat..HAHA..anywey..akU sbEnanYe nk uPdate bLog nih sicne 1sT dey of mY hOUsemanship...tP..KesediHan dan kesyahduaN tlH mnGikat ketat mcm kne iKaT dgN tourniqUET GITU..awW...hahah..mS first day..lpaK je..Blaja guNe short forM..aih..da rase da sTreSs die dI hari PtamE yg MUlie uH..kbetulaN mY couZ si hanIs ngOKnGek call..Menderu2 laa..taK Tahan laGi..tepoN plak si sYg saYE..hum...ckP psL die..i feeL pitY of Keje laME gile..smPI ke mlM...Naseb beK die pON keje blik lmbt..tkde la rase sGT kan...levYu:) hum2..

2Nd daY..papa anD mAMa siaP aNta kat lUa uMA agi before akU g Keje..sediH giLe oK ms uh..hati tgH streSs..mama papa pLaK anta samPi klua uma..jUSt to giMME sUpport...iLL trY mY best papa, MamA..jusT for yU gUys :))adoYai, nK sTudy sKit..haiyOh! suDa keliJa poN mahU sTadi laGi Kaaa??mUsti la aPekkkk..apA lU pk??? LU PK la SniriK meOnnnn... :P

SmLm akU oN-caLL..i duN even kNow hOw to ClerK the caseS using malaYSian sTyLe..sO akU paklai taram kroMo aaa...hamiK ko...MO on caLL uh ckP aKU IRRITATING.. :(( sediH gile...buT maMA saLU ckP..IZNee AdliNa nih ToUgH..(tatau la mkSd mama Uh tough muScle ke aPe..hakhkaha)..basicaLlY..i triEd tO njoY mY few moNtH of sUfferiNG..anD aFter dis..m so goNa shOw eM thaT tHe reaL iznee wiLL coME out SOON..


Friday, August 13, 2010


iTs beeN a while.One mOnth.yeas.its been a mONth.nothinG great new ye ke?mcm Ade.ive BecoMe lazier thaN before.haha.normal la tuh kan..?org habiS blaja.enJoy la Puas2 :) aNYwey, pUase pOn da staRt.i wanTed to go oUt and have sOme tiMe with mr bebY saye, buT Then..He's kinda bUsy.oUtstation-inG Here and There.but thats the chaLLenge we HAve to face.i mussttt sUPport him.whateVe he do.i caNNot get geT get cranKy if he din layan me a loT.pahaM jiwe Katekan.aww Aww..humm..macaMaNe la bLe aku da stat keje.but i kNOe he UNderstaND me more thaN myself.hahah.

oH, God..pls pls..lEmme work aNd get mY inductioN after raYe.yes, exactly After RaYe.i kNow my wisH seeMS to direct and MenYamPahkan..buT Pls....God :) GimMe mY 'final' chance tO raYe with FreedoM aNd no-resPONsibilitiesssss!!

oNe More..BLACK or WHITE...???aghh!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

ASL TRAVELS the stupidest

life Been mIseraBle.beeN cheaTed bY traVel aGEnTs.tHe flight tickeTs canceLLed  durinG checK-in.bOUghT new flighT tickeT for abOut doubLe the price.sHortened mY triP @ egYpt from 3 to 2 dayS.OMFG. azad is The BaNgsaT fUcHinG pUkhiMak froM BANGLAdesh.fuh fuh..calM down izNee.duN jUSt be as sTupid as him.stuPido of The sTupidesT.yU shUd heV lyke burn down yO office And maKE sure yu R in The builDing..fucHqers.

p/s: oH, oNe mOre.PRAKASH keling, duN leT me see Yo face.or m reallY gOna kick yO stUpid BaLLs (oh, du yu really heV one?) fucHqErs AGAIN.botH of yu.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

AZAD again?

hOmai HomaigOd.SyaiREeN juSt pOsted UP her NeW cONtroVerSiaL staTUs! she'd StuckED aT d airpOrt toDay, becaUse sUm sTupid traVeL agenT diN confirMed her reaL fliGHt statUS.whicH sHe haD been waitinG-lisTed! wadafat!im So Gona caLLeD tHe eGYpt air Office TomOrrOW..YeS i shud.AZAD nih taK HABIS2 NYUSAHKAN ORG kan?tp stiLL ramai OrG nK beli nGn die **tmasOK aKu** Ye La Bai! saPE tanaK arge Murah! aLhamduLillaH sO far aKU beli air ticket ngN manGkok nih, tadek proBlem lagi.araP2 taHOn nih oK jUgek..cuMe ade tyMe2 sYMptOm tambi die MenJelme, ms uh la die MrabaN dlm sNyOMan.cauwa! BesaBalah syaireen!yu gO girL!


Friday, June 25, 2010

duLu 2 bUlAn, skaNg 2 hari.

skJaP sGt ms bLalu..**hum2**..duLu sibOk exciteD dgN jOK.."weyyy laGi 2 bulannn Kt nK grad!lagi 2 bUlaN pareNTs kt nk smpii..weeehe!~" tP skaNG nih..NK excited PoN da TaKde kederaT nk exciTed da.rS cam naK PenGsan ble Papa n MAma aRe So GOna arriVe leSs than 48 hOUrs! auuuuuwwwWw..isK tP dupdap dUp dap skit2.aPe reactioN deranG bLe tGK hosTel ni.oh! air PanaS da ade!! tadik aKU mndi mcM taK pnaH mandi sBUlan! exciteD giLE hOKay.gosOK sane GOsoK sini.gOsok gg pOn hULor muLot Bwh btg paip..pUnyela meManfaatkaN kedataNGan air PanaS tbabit..

oH babY bubu! sHe'll be free froM quaraNtinE thaNg tomOlo! and her PapA (err i meaN mY hafiz) gOna gO pick her Up.haha.nih Baru anaK kucinG.da mcm anK maNusie akU sYG bUbu..sgt2.die chantik!aaa..thaNks sYG.waLOpon td kt aDe pdeBataN yg adiL dan saKsaMa psL print cert bUbu tu, tP awK sGt coMel.?hihi.m So LovinG yu.

uh, theSe 2-3 days haD BeeN my bUSIEST day ever! hOSteL feeS yg perlu ditoPap daN jugaK campur aduk dgN rUssian pUNye keje yg wadafaT pLus amik chOp sanE sini yg haPekejadahNye akU poN taK pahaM (oH mungkin drG nk tjK yg drg nih sYStemaTic and secUrity high tahaP gaban -> liKe Yeuw..!) pLus2 packiNG uP stUffS yg baNyaK mcm nK bniaGe bagai.pnat pnat *fUh fuh*

ok ah, esOK nk smBg vacuUm2 kmaS2 basOh2 ape2 yg paTot befOre the arrivaL of raJe daN permaiSuri ksaYaNgaN Beta!


Monday, June 21, 2010

aFter 6 yeARs.

im sO gOna miSs all THe adreNaline-ruSh fLowinG uP n down tHru my BloOd sTReaM durinG exaMs.oh, maYbe i can ganti it wiTh tHe ruSh of KENE MARAH DGN DOCTORS?SPECIALISTS?welcoMe izNEe.nOpe, i dowana thiNK abOUt it.waT i waNt nOw..arrivinG of MY FAMILY in MOscOW!! cpTla cptla! i canT wait tO let'em see My DAMN COOL HOSTEL..with 'HOT WATER' aND proPer sLeepiNG pLAcEs.haha..tHey muSt b prOUd of ME.sO calleD the i..?Yes.i aM.we aRE The sUrvivORs..21sT jUNE 2010.The daY we finiShed eVerythiNg.The SchoOl.THe paperS.ThaNk God for aLL thE BLessiNGs yu giVe..MAHA KAYA.MAHA MEMAKBULKAN.

huM, bb's gOing TO RedaNG.suDdenLY oN his way tO The Bus statiON, HiS pHOne sHUt-down aND NeVe caN be POwer On again.ah!i miSyu dy.deyyy..!wait foR Me baBE..spaRe soMe cheeKS for Me tO bite k.nOm nOm NOm.err..hahahahha.

hOw aRe yU BUbu?mOMma n mOmMy missYU so much..we NeeD yU tO gataL2 wif Us durinG our haPPY dayS here.humm..


Sunday, June 20, 2010

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Friday, June 18, 2010

18th jUNe 2010 **bYe bUbU**

She's leaving MoscOW for MalaYsia..ThaNKs a bUncH tO auNty YaTT yaNg saNGgOp bwK BubU baleK, sBB mOmma aNd MOmma still haVe tO kicK sUm assES in MoscOw in order tO cOMe bacK aNd sEe yU agaiN beby! aNd tO aUNty aMy, MaY aNd uncLe HAzwaN..thaNk yu gUys tO aLso aLsO taKe a lOOk after bUbu.we HoPe thaT yU staY sTronG durinG yOur JournEy, jaNgaN kencinG aNd BeraK sUke2 ati bUbu, nati sTewaRdeSs marah.haha..miSyU si BUbuLu.i Love yOu!!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

CMEHA 8m!!

oowwh My mY.finaLLy i met YU.aNd i TrieD my VerY-verY-SeriOUsly harD tO kNow yu USSR -LOMo!hahaha..iTs nOt THaT haRd JUst reacHed tHe leVeL of TAK-BOLE-BNAFAS je.manE ade haL!haha..dis iS my 1sT tyMe of my 6-th yeAr life Here, i wenT tO ISmailOvski for The MOscow-CARBOOt-saLe-kot.hahah..gile.MY daD gOan lOVe dis daMn much.seriOUSly.uhh..! i waS thinKing tO get the Zenit 3 or Smena or The FED.buT tHen, tHeyRe juSt tOO heAvy TO brinG bacK.takPela.papa gOt One zEnit.aLSo froM carbOOt.bOle cilOK je kan pa?haha..muah2.haha..owh! bB da balik KL..!da braBOk da skYpe!! winDu2! ecikk aTi itee awK tinGGal ame222! sad..hikhik.levYu tO the MAXIMUM nye!


Friday, June 11, 2010

noT The rigHT tyme Baby.

oh, it iS SO not tHe RigHt tyMe for yOu to aTtacK me dear mR bacTeria Or enciK virUs.or iSsit onLY tHe seAsON-chaNginG syMptoMs? makES me becOme LAZIERRRR to coNcenTrate on tHis sTudy shytttt yaaaw'..!huuuuuihh..diS MorninG i woKe uP aNd i felT sO rimAs inside Me.waT does iT meaNs aNYwey?..yaiiii Oso doNo meH! hik hik..waT i kNoe is, i NeeD to jeraNG de Air BEcaUSe sUM sTUPID hoSteL admiNisTratiON menAborkan jaNji2 maNGkok mereka utK on kaN air PAnas but yeT nothinG haPpen..aNd waT i kNO, after i toOk my shOwer, i NEed to gEt Out tO taKe my preciOUs medicine.thE clAssic lAtte.aT mY PeBereT place.RumaH kopiku..! im gOna miSsYu.aww Aww..wen i tOld mY bb thaT m gOing OUt tO taKe my DruGs,tHen wHen he caLLed the 1st quest was.." da sihaT ke lPAs mkN ubaT kaT cOffee Houseee tuu..?" muHheeheh..he OweZ knoe wHere m hEading?kan?kannn kan??kann aaaaa...!! hikhik..maNe taK underStandinG..siTu la tMpt beliaU mncari diri ini di kaLe jiwe dilaNde Todak.muhaha..haiihh..thaT makes Me LeVyyuuu...babByyyy baBBy babbYYy likee BabY baBY babyyy noooo..oh, oK..baLek Ke alaM yg lebih nyaTe beBanding tadi.akU perlU stadi kaLo malaS, apE KNe buaT aa?Oh, anyweY..tadiK ade Uncle dlM bus makaN raW saUsaGe..baU mnde alaH uh kuaT gilee aNd die McM selera giLe MAkaN.paSUH die Pgg saUsage die dgN taNgaN yg tataU besih ke tak..and kukU die caM ade hitaM2 gitu..likee...hum hum..


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

bLAcKberry vs iPHoNe 4..?


or this..?

iPhone 4Blackberry StormBlackberry Storm2
Capacity16GB, 32GB1GB (expandable with microSD card)2GB (expandable with microSD card)
Multitouch screenYesNo (traditional touchscreen)Limited
Screen size (inches)
3.5 / 960 x 4803.25 / 480 x 3603.25 / 480 x 360
Battery LifeTalk/Web/Video: 7/10/10 hours
Audio: 40 hours
Talk: 6 hoursTalk: 6 hours
Camera5 megapixel3 megapixel3 megapixel
Records Video?Yes, 720p HD at 30 fpsYesYes
Onboard Video EditingYesNoNo
App StoreApple App StoreApp WorldApp World
Network Type3G3G (4G coming soon)3G (4G coming soon)
Size (in inches)4.51 x 2.31 x 0.374.43 x 2.45 x .554.4 x 2.4 x .55
Weight (in ounces)
Price (with 2-year contract)$199/$299$149TBA

Meh pninG2kan kpaLE meh meh..haha!!



aiYo.aiYO.aYoyoYo.saPe sUKe MeN yOyo..?mmG tbaeK aa.duLu beli tOra dpT yOyo..beli diNgdaNG dpT YOYo.aPe uh saTU aG kotaK pink tuh..uh mahaL sKit.poN dapaT lpAs spin saTu rOUnd, da tcaBOt.kne beli tORa lagi.tP taK rugi, sbb beSkut die cedap..!arituh mS g tHe GaRden, tjUpe diNGdanG nGn toRA..wadashytee...TrOs beli tuh bai.taK pndanG kiri kanaNg.sebAek taK remPOh apeK juaL doRayaki tu.baleK umaH amik gaMBa mcm hell.pasUH siMpaN gaMba leklOk.legend tu.haha..umm..SBenanYe..byk Mnde nK kne bLe syaitON JahaNam nk mnusOk2 otaK ni suPaye MAlas..sO inila jadinye.haih..mane BOle suke2 jiraN syaitON nih nk kacO aNak cucUAdaM Hawe..tade keje ke?haih.bace bUku balek.TEKAd g beli maTrosHka beSa..utk diri sNirikk..sUkeeee!! dgN maN utD nye paTong kaYu tu..tatau pe org panGgil.5 ketOl je ade..roOney, giggS, vidiC, ferdinand, OWen d legeNd.hiiii..

                                                              tHe MaN.utd


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

switchinG on mY exam fever.

haih haih daN haih! die da mUla die da Mulaa dah..suda datanG itu raSa la..rAsa maHu terbanG2 bkepak2 la...itu ini iTu ini..huhu..i woKE uP at 2.30am diS MOrninG, over-sLept kaTenye..bajet2 nK bgN pukOL kesaMpaian..punnYe lah kaN mitak tolOnG cik aBG sAyaNG olololo kiut2 kjotkan, tp ye lah.mcm deNGa sipi2 je Sore beliau ms beliaU akU mimpi..?tak sure cam 2 kali gitu die akU cam..lala la..tidO sMpi lbamNye..hum2..baU ape lak nih..sape lak smaYanG pagi2 bute nih..baU India pUnYe coLOk2 tu..asap2 tu..kOK Ngeri gitu.naseB bek luA da ala2 teranG..kalU tak maHU aku masoK tido dlM umaH bubu ni.buBU PoN relek je tido ataS KUsi..takde aPe jadi.haih, rendaM jugaK kpalE budak nih dalam kettLe pasUH switcH on.haha..erK..sBenanYe tGh bOsaN bc bUku, tp kalO bosaN smpi Ke kmaNe ye idaK..?hihi..yanG cpt la Bgn..wiNDu ni!! nom Nom nOm..


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

m LovinG it

i JusT loVe mY neW caNON 450D..!hahaha!huh HuH huh! diS is mY ALL-tiMe haVe mY owN SLr..urm22..ThaNks tO mY baBy apisH.knaPe..?ha ha.sBB..hanYe die yanG tahU.hahaha..i LOve You!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

mY firSt lightniNG in MOSCOW

oMg.seriOUsly..dis is MY firsT lightinG been heard in MoscOw.before, tHe Rains jusT pOuR heavilY withOut any sigNs of it.uH..MaYbe dis iS Allah's gift for uS before we LeavE MOscOw.ThanK God.i can sLeeP NyenYak tOnyte!yeha!!!


Friday, April 30, 2010

haPpY birThdaY BroTher.

blOw The caNdleS out :) haPpY BirtHdaY tO You. i MessaGed mY bro thiS morninG, remiNdinG him not to cLaim his BirtHday presenT when i coMe hoMe.i passEd it dy thru my freN who wenT bacK to MalaYsia durinG wiNter breaK.afTer i warNed him,he waS lYke, Gelak2 tak ikLas (He's sO gOna asK a lot more froM Me laTer.i GuaranteE det) haha.gile.naSeb baekLa ko sOranG je aDik aKu.kalO ramai, maHu aKU Keje chOp duit dkaT kilaNG buaT duit PaLsu.huhu.
h oh.i jUst crackiNg uP mY brain laUghinG laUGhinG aNd laUGhinG with my deaResT fUtsaL maTes.damN i leV eM.they made me feeL lyke Home.even im jusT being parT of The uni teaM lasT 3-4 weeKs before The reaL gaME was.ThaNKs gUys.leV lOads!
waT else, Oww! we, me And mAz were coUntinG dayS durinG our ride tO meTrO statiOn. we JusT haVe 8 daYs left tO finisH our STUDY-WORLD! serioUsly, 8 dayS more tO finisH clasSes, aNd later finaL exaM..aNd later.nO more More skipPinG clAss, nO More waking uP late, nO More Suke2 ati NK cuti, nO more eVErything! sad!! sad!! hum, taK keje mN nK dpt gaji.tak Dpt gaji mn NK beli kerete.taK beli kerete Mn Nk jalaN2 sakaN.erk?hihihi..weeeeeeee, sLeePY dY.makan bYk, ckP byk, pnaT pon byk.uh, we waTched sLOw n sTupid SOFT PORN movie proMoted bY CHANAD CMD ok!! and we were Lyke, chaNad! chaNge tHe mOvie now, pls?huhu


Sunday, April 18, 2010


KURSK INTERVARSITY GAMES SUCKS.not BecaUSe we din Get the firSt Place.buT becaUse yU gUyS sUck.non-civiliSed-laME-med-sTuds.witH full of NO-BALLsss kSMu-ian guYs.oh God, i wAs thinkinG tO heV fun on my finaL iNtervARsity gaMes, but THe gaVe me tHis in yeaH, waTeva it is..Yu guys still SUCK.ho Ho ho.SuckS.stinKs.sTupid.wif lOTsa faT assEs bLoddY shit chix.SUCKS..(m watchinG mY words...yeas i am...muahhaha) SUCKS!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2 cycLes awaY

uw.m cuRrenTly havinG mY sTudy"daY" off for My tropical diseaSe exam tOmorrow.and nexT week m sO reallY gOna startinG mY FINAL CYCLE of my 6-yr stUdy.TheraPy..for 5 weeks.daMnn yawl..ah i KeeP oN clickinG2 oN noNsenSe websiTeS oN mY screen.waT The hell la.i need tO sTudy tHoseee binatanG kcik2 det epidemic and pandemicAllY causiNg diSeaseSSSS to populatioN all aroUnd the world lah!chowww Wa!!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


hOoyeah..serioUSly..i canT wait tO gO tO d airpOrT aNd pick-uP mY paPA and MAma aNd ciKsU aNd AyaH sU..yeah2!!!! ooww mY godd..serioUSly..dis Is worTh mY 6-yr stUdy maN.serioUsly.when finaLLy yOur paRenTs aRe verY-verY sOOn tO coMe tO MoscOw For celebRating yoUr medicaL degRee!!!
1) fliGht ticket bOOkinG (bOtH parenTS and Me) - CHECKED!
2) iNvitatioN letTer - dis cOminG fridaY.dis steP will allOw 'em tO AppLy for RussiaN viSa at The rUssian emBassY, MalaYsia.
5) REGISTRATION in MOSCOW..(nmiNd..this will Take PLace in Moscow..where im owedy MeeT mY parenTs!!)

aNd THen...aNd Then..aNd Thenn..GRAD!i loike..aNd..jalaN2 cairO..aNd baLek Mesia..aNd...
tYme uTK beCinta!! i Loike....


Monday, March 15, 2010

i Love yoU.

i lOve yoU Hafiz ShaMsUL.yeS i lOve You.i Love yOu.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


iNfectiOn cycLe.aMeBiasis.saLmonellOsis..shiGelloSis..bla bla..HUUhhh..laMe dO taK jalaN2 sini.tadek duit La nK Bli tikeT MAsOK sini.huuu! well weLL..mMg skanG nih kaLO bOle Nk statekaN leVeL sesaK napaS dan sgaLe maK datOk kpuNyaaN sesaK naPas uh..da smpAi lObaNg idoNg.tlebeY sikit2.aduh2!bulaN nih poN da speNt kaww..saPE soH akU speNt manyaK2?bukaN akU buaNG duit.sedekaH poN tak gaK akU wase.haha..bUlan nih OsTeL pon da 17k ruBel.plUs2 ade PkaRe2 coMeL yG aKU buat MUhahah coNtoHnye..shOppinG skit2..makaN sikit2..taBO sane sini sikit2..hahah..hum22..
oH uH..Org ckP finaL yr finaL seM tadehaLLL laaaaa....suMe da seteL..senaNg ajja..nMPak gaye caM taK.mmG taK bebaLOi.sUme cycle nK ade Test aNd bUkaN test yG suke sUki macaroNi jek..test yG stOk caM "kO nK jd SPECIALIST mlm niH jUgak"...MMg Ye lah uh.kenTot..haihh..makiN sUSa blaja.mAkin makan BanyaK.makin gMok.ah!! adOyai..yai yai..yak yai yaaiii..abG sYG saYe jupe saTu siTe psL HOLLywoOd dieT.Im sO gOna TrY iT tOmorrow!!a mixtUre of OraNGes' and LemOns' jUice plus BanaNas, apples..yU driNK iT fer 2-full days! ade bran?haha..let see..hahaha..waKakak!ho hO..ameBiasis..amEbiAsis..


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

laME Ke lagi..??

4 mOnthS More..!pLs PLs!! I wAna Go HOMee..sO bAd!!! windUuuUU! windUUuU!! uh i JusT saw oNe of mY jUnior's weddiNg pHotoS.oWw maN!sHE's yOUnger thaN me..but theN kAweN sUda!hahhahahaha..TAkPela..KAwaN2 akU poN bUkaN Men rAMai yG da kaweN kaN.yg da braNAk 3 poN ade mUnyeh!wah2!! dan wah!hahahaha...!!!da la bai.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


yeAs i hatE RUssiaN peEps.rUSsiaN laNGuaGE. firsT of all, all ThoSe ruSsiaN dUUUuudees are SO bad-maNNErEd and sO aNNoyinG.laST 2 daYS, i Got inTO a peranG-muLOt witH dis StupiD rUSsian gUy.OwH god, hE's sO daMn babi..dlM MeTrO, sesi toLaK-meNolaK is a coMMon thinG to happeN.if it isNT haPpen, iTs sO NOT RUSSIAN.stUpid.agaiN.ah, TOday, i wenT tO meTRo couNter tO coLLEct mY new MetrO pAss.whicH THEY SAID will BE reAdy in10 daYS of workinG days aFter i sUBmitteD tHe forM.anD toDay is the12-th daY.aND when i wenT tHere,dis perEmpuAn tUa said.."OWHH KO PUNYE METRO PASS TAK SIAP AG..DATANG AMIK LAGI 10 hari.BABI.10 hari meaNs, i heV tO buy another 10  mEtrO pass whicH  is as saME as the amOunt thaT i heV tO pay for tHe whOle mOnth if m using tHe Pass.ahhh!
rUSsian laNGUage..?benci.sBB.aKU.taK.sUKe.daN.dlm.Lecture.aKU.sanGat.nGantOk.sBB.die.bUat.lawaK.taK.jadi!

uh, saLAM taKZiah uTK mY beby's fren..KECIK, m Sorry for yo loSs.May yo GOD bless him :(


Friday, January 29, 2010

snOwBoardin' rawKs!

yeas it iS!! det wAs mY first tYme in mY 6 Yrs (yea2 lAugh2 till Yu droP..Buwek!hehe) seriOUsly, i neVer wenT tO snowbOard B4..wiTh gUd bUddiEs: joK, paaN, Yatt, an aNd her sis, SaM, SuLAs aNd lin..tHanKs gUys Sbb aja care Pakai kaSOt dan slide dGN maJUnye.hahaha.and sO yeS yes, its wortH The waitinG.witH 350ruBs per hOur, i can get mY cute lil fiNgerS FroSt-bitten.sure caN MUnyah, dis Was sO goNa sticK-up in MY HeAd lYke FOREVER! aaN aNd her sisTer(azaLia) aNd jOk were riDing tHat tUbe sumthiNg aNd deMN thOse were sO kewLLLLL..jOK said itS like yUr ridinG a pelamPoNG at SUnwaY laGoOn.wowww..bestNye, bUt Then taK sMPT try sBB dak2 nih da slamaT minoM chai dkaT caFe.haha..sO tiNGgaL la sNOwBoarders YG haNdaL dan TAK PNAH TGULING BANTING nih atas Bukit2 Salji nih..hAhahHa..OwH paaN, kO caM teRER GILE JEK SMALAM?? TAK JATOHHHHH PONN????hahahahahaha...tHere YU Go..lUtOt lbaM.pINGgaNG sakiT.tP besT!!! Uh OHh, alaN..kaT mEsia KO g snOwBoardiNG taK?? (JELES-MODE).hahahahha!!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wiNter HOlideY wud be dis BorinG:((

haih2..BorinG siaK.biAsela..biLe nga exAM.nK ble cuTi..takMo exm..taPi nK hepi2!! g amek Mira..Br sMPi dr Mesia..haih..best2..nati naK baLek lagi..akU ble nK balek?lagi 4 bulaN??hoWlishYT.hahah..esoK bajet nkgi LayaN new MoOn.giLe seP utk tGK kaT wyG, padehaL leH tGK kaT blek..ahhaa..screeN kcik..Mane best.haha..hum...ahh..i jusT foUnd ouT adek aKU ade bLog.hahhaah..m trackinG yU uP bebeh!hahahahahah..


Sunday, January 24, 2010

iTs a woNderfuL daaaiiii..

haihh...wELcomE tO dis FeelinG..haha.will coMe..weLcoMe..a feelinG Of sLeepiNesSs aaalllLLL daY lonGgg...tHE borinGNeSss thaT will coMEe.The feelinG of tiReDneSs walkiNG aT The malll 8 HOurs in a roWw..uuuww..thinKinG of watchiNG new mOOn TwiligHt sAga..bUt Oww..i NEeda wait UNtil NexT weeKend which iS toMOro..fOr The sakE of the 200 ruBS per ticket )iNstead of 300ruBs)..hahahhaha..owH owH..nK mamam!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

wake uP.aNd Go,sLEep!

uHH..i wAs So sLeePy yEsTerdey det i tOt i cuD mati of SleepiNg too much..Really dOw!ahahah..Tak SeDa diri nih SurgerY is jUSt AroUnd hanG pUnye bUku lali, lagi maO maen ka?sO..i deciDed tO waKe uP last 4 hOurS, made a biG mUg of Tea.owH finIShed dy, and i made aNother mUG of Nescafe (lighT oNe as i eaSilY gettin' hEAdache laTely) aND hEre i coMe..! takLeh tidO la pUlak.shyt!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

SatU lagi.

fuHh..satU da lPAs..tingGal saTU lagi utk akU meroNGGeng dgN jaYenye. ProPHylactic MedicinE.bai bai.i dowaNa fren yu aNYmOre.bLa yu frOM my life.gO gO awaY.surGery, yU coMe aNd yU oso gO lyKe prof Med ok.pls?


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

aWw Aww..

aWwwW..bLaJa oz NgN hYgienE nih akU waSe caM makin menGosoNGkan oTak akU YG tk pnaH pnUHnYe dgN ilMU dunie nih! makin Blaja makiN kOsoNg.lPs bLaja 2 miN waSe pNoH jaP.lpAs minit Ke-3..da cam lUpe aPe YG aKu bLaja.sBB aPe anaK2? sBB ade inpUt taPi taK pnaH2 nK bg OutpUt pLuanG utk bErbicaRe..!hewah!.OK otak da BEnGap.caUwaaaa!


Sunday, January 10, 2010


my PRIME wisH lisT of 2010.
bLAcK MINI COOPER S coMeS wiTh whiTe rOOf aNd whITe-striped bOnneT
OR OR OR.. whiTE BOdY wiTH bLAcK rOOf aNd Unstriped bOnnet.

amin :)

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Friday, January 8, 2010

PenGemis Tue.

tadi aKu g AsHaN Amek angin.beli BrG.Snow leBAt.aLhaMdulillaH.reZeki..aH, pakai jackeT taKde Hoody Plak.kne Jln LaJu2.TuroN bas..cpt2 aKU jalAn...tibE2 aKU TgK neneK tu.NEneK yg salU akU tgk meNGemis tpi JalaN tu.da bYk kali aKU jUmpe neneK ni.tP hari ni LAen.aKU sLOwkaN kaki akU yg tlebiH SpEEd.full taNk gitu. PnaH akU tersentaP tgk nenek tu hari ni.sBB akU taK pnaH pcaYe dGN sUme beGgars kaT dunie ni.hUm..takOt2 la..deranG miNtaK sdekaH sBB siNdiket.taMbaH pUlaK, lPas bg duit, depA dok waT CROSSED + pUlak.mmm..Makin DkaT nGn NeneK uh, makin slOw aKU jalan..sNow tUroN lbaT.topi YG die gUne utK ltaK duit pNoh NGn sNOw.wiNter coaT die YG da lusoH tU apeTah lagi.suMe putih.naMpaK sikit2 Jek kaLer iTaM coaT die.and tGn die tetaP doK mnadah..takde gLoves.sedih.SediH. maNe pegi familY die..?anak2 YG die da laHir?ke neneK nih taKde anaK..?or anaK2 die da tinGgaLkan die sbB die penGemis?ke..die keje part tYme je miNtaK sdekaH?ke die mMG penGemis Sjati..taH kaLO die sdaRe sesaMe Islam aNd aKu mamPU utk tangGOng die, aKU amek die..hUm..mEbe jd maid akU..?at leAst die Dpt reZeki hasil titik PloH snirik..kan?takPon...kaLO aKu tkde umah snirik lagi..akU bley anTa die g umaH kbajikaN Mykt?bOle kn?deranG triMe kan?ke taK?tataU la pUlak.tadekla pUlak memBe2 akU keje kaT Umah KbajikaN.haih...cOmPlicated btol idOp ni..mS otw Balek..neneK uh da tkde..da baLek umak Kot..(ade UmaH ke die?)..or MEbe die lPak bwh2 meTrO..daMn, ksianNye..sjOk,tkde katiL..aPetaH lagi HeaTer.kaLO lapa?tgh2 mlM mUSti kdai da tutOP..duiT mUsti neneK uH ade.hasiL kUtip sdekaH waKtu LeAst ade duit.hUmm..tuH taK tolaK kne roMpak NGn mamaT maBok2 bwh metrO uh..tkPe nek..esok miNtaK lagi :) tKpela..kaLO Uh suMber rezeki Nenek..bUkan nenek mncuri kaN?org naK kasik....kalO aKU org kasik aKU amek.nak2 Org bagi sribaN..kO nak lpas?taK kan?HAHA..

humm....sMLm..kwn baek aKU tanaK ckP nGn aKu.laNGsoNG.ape salaH aKu..(akU wase aKU taw,tP aKU da mintaK maAf..nK jUpe face TO face taK smpT)mmm...da mcm adek sbenanYe taK pon kn..?malU jek ko ni IZnee.akU taK pnaH Pon ade Adek badeK laen slaen aBg nGn adek akU..musti ko waSe nk ludah aKU kan skanG..?hum..sowi kalo aKU bkn kwN YG best :( hhHmm...stadi la..naSeb baek tinGgal lagi 6 Bulan.naK tinGgaLkan tMpt yg bYk bG memOri kaT aKu.memOri dGn KAWaN2 aku :(


a MOMenT tO remembEr.

kat luA sJoK.sJok saNgat2.hUm,mcM akU juGaK.kNape akU sjOk..?ha..ini YG perlU kt cr Ye anak2..aku sjok..sBB..akU puNYe MeJe stadi Nih sbela pti ais..tak Ke cr pNyaKit naMenye?pasUH sibuk2 tuliS lAm BloG..sjok22..mcM miNtaK pnUMbOk dr Ali je kn?hurmm..SdaPP jUGe kaLO bley pnUMbOk mamat mOod-swiNger Tuh..weeEeee~hUumm..sBEnaNye..aKU Nk mndeDahKan rasie TaoN baru Aku.hahah..iaitU utk Mnjadi seoRg yG sJOk.ala..baK kaTe orG inGlis.CoOL maN..YOo Yo..cekidaUttt..hahaha..daPEk ke Jekk..hahah..caMdeT jek(yaNG cilOk ayaT baek nih k :) hUmm..iA..kaLO taK jd..jGn salaHkan anok2..aMbo nih cuMelah maNuksie biAsO Yg perlU diBelai dimaNJee..nGgaK psal donG?hikhikk...TecoMel la pUlaK akU glak.HA HA HA.bodo.


Monday, January 4, 2010

StudY harD ke Nk knE StUdy smart?

akU waSe 2-2 POn tk perlU.yG peNtiNG, kNe stadi jek.HAHAHA.sBB..KalO stadi harD..enD Up..TAK IGT ApE2..kALo nK STADI smart..memUle Kne Stadi hArD jUgak.sO..caM..caM..taK sure plak tibe2.sBenaNye aKU caM br LPAs waT keK sbB bosanG YaNG tahap cabai MakaN beroK Mkn cabai?tP beroK caM makN pisanG jek.ok la.akU tanaK NYusaHkan kpaLe akU YG coMeyL nih.sBB space2 dlM otaK akU nih slaeN dr nK simpaN ikan2..aYaM serTe sayuran2 segar..baek akU isi nGn ilmu2 sTadi Hard daN SemAk aku..


Friday, January 1, 2010

::DUe riBU spUloh::

mY wisHes:
1) PAsSed exaMs OZiZ and SUrgery (aNd Next SeM's exmS)
2) Grad dGn gemiLaNGnye!
3) baLek Mesia aND Keje dkT nGn ruMah.hehHEeh..
4) baLek KL kISs mamA aNd Papa, ABe, aM aNd!haha
5) cErruti :((((
6) ShOppiNG..(taPi NK Kne Sep nii..)
7) SecRet
8) SecRet
9) SecRet
10. sUme SEcRet baEk tayaH Tulis!hahha

HUUmMM!! SmLm we wenT celeBratiNG New yr aT KreMlin, THe HeaRT of MOscow..Best!tP croWded giLe tuUU..smPi jalaN PON da  nK Kne rapaT2kaN saF gitu..Ye aH..nK Ngelak keS raBe KoNonnye.hihihHIhI..baYe2..hihi..aH, b4 UH aDe mKan2 New yr @11-10 Aka SuLAS's n Lin's roOM...SmPene adik sULAs pOn dTg..best2!bY 9m. we Owedi gettiN' reAdY for Kremlin..10pm smPi saNe..Bla Bla SjOk2 BekU..Bla Bla..MAkn2..Bla Bla..coUntdOwn!!! aNd its 2010!! welcOme Baby!!hihi..
trOssss Kami PUlang!!! dgN LajU skali..Sbb NK elak maNuksi2 YG giLe ramai sey!!hihi..