Dear Diary..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


yeAs i hatE RUssiaN peEps.rUSsiaN laNGuaGE. firsT of all, all ThoSe ruSsiaN dUUUuudees are SO bad-maNNErEd and sO aNNoyinG.laST 2 daYS, i Got inTO a peranG-muLOt witH dis StupiD rUSsian gUy.OwH god, hE's sO daMn babi..dlM MeTrO, sesi toLaK-meNolaK is a coMMon thinG to happeN.if it isNT haPpen, iTs sO NOT RUSSIAN.stUpid.agaiN.ah, TOday, i wenT tO meTRo couNter tO coLLEct mY new MetrO pAss.whicH THEY SAID will BE reAdy in10 daYS of workinG days aFter i sUBmitteD tHe forM.anD toDay is the12-th daY.aND when i wenT tHere,dis perEmpuAn tUa said.."OWHH KO PUNYE METRO PASS TAK SIAP AG..DATANG AMIK LAGI 10 hari.BABI.10 hari meaNs, i heV tO buy another 10  mEtrO pass whicH  is as saME as the amOunt thaT i heV tO pay for tHe whOle mOnth if m using tHe Pass.ahhh!
rUSsian laNGUage..?benci.sBB.aKU.taK.sUKe.daN.dlm.Lecture.aKU.sanGat.nGantOk.sBB.die.bUat.lawaK.taK.jadi!

uh, saLAM taKZiah uTK mY beby's fren..KECIK, m Sorry for yo loSs.May yo GOD bless him :(