Dear Diary..

Sunday, November 14, 2010


How wiLL yOU descriBe my feelinG wHen yo MO said ThaT tO Yu aFTer yU sPenT abOut 2 hOUrs finishing aLL the waRd roUNd by yOurSelf aNd waitEd for hiM juSt tO syNc the report?

aLL HoUse officerS are eligibLe to GeT 2 day Off aFter workinG for 12 dayS of iNterupTed workinG dayS. sO, it depeNds on hOw yOur waRd specialisT aRraNGed the day off for his/Her HOs.sO, froM mY side, mY LoVEy-DuVEY SpECIALisT gaVe us 1 daY of over the weekend.and me anD haFyz need tO plan whO's gOna worK oN suNday and wHo's oN saturday.
our BELOVED mo have this UNSATISFIED FEELING towaRDs the days off That had been given to HO's. i doNo y, buT They reaLLy neeD BOTH of us to be in The waRD doiNg the round on BOTH suNdaY aND satUrday.reasON: HAfyZ 's still new, i Need tO guidE him.SUMMARY: NO DAY OFF FOR US..bOdoh.
So the issUe now, they Are not satisFY wif me, cause i msGed dR sakthis tO inform that me n hafiz r not goinG tO haVe our day off thiS weekend (abi - ouR lead HO said anything can sTraightly be discuss wif specialist - new rules!)..sO..maYbe dr sakthiS calleD dr siva la kot ckP itu ini itU ini kan..sO panaS la memBer tuuu....sO sUmmary nYe dr siVa da tanaK ckP aPe2 nGn akU da lpas nih.die soH aKu straight ckp nGn dr sakthis.Better kot. haih, da jadi MO pon emO lagi..asyik doK ulanG ayat yg same - "we Used to be in yoUr sHoesss...bUt we worKed 365dayssss per Year" CRAP.BULLSHIT la tambi!


Monday, November 1, 2010

hOW tO be A gOOd Doctor

first anD foremoSt, tO b a GOod Doctor, Yu hev tO knOw wat yuR doinG. aRE yu DOING yO jOb or Yu Just  hEV to dO yO jOB becausE ITS Yo JoB.
jd HO mMG byK cabaraN. YU heV tO wAke uP reaLLY early in the MOrninG becaUSe there's a toNSSSSSS of bottlE det need to be fiLLed in  wIf bLood bEfOre yO so-heLpfuL MO cOMe aND do the waRd rouNdS. tHen, foLLow the roUNds, then yU ll Be GiveN AGAIN toNSsss of bLood Bottle to be fiLLEd in again..(repeaT bLood KATENYE)..patIenTs da nYumpah2 kat aKU..."haiYaaaaaa doktoo..hali2 maHU anGkaT dalah..kasi MAti saja saMa saya lagi bagOSss"..BebuiH la PUlak mulOt akU nk kne exPlain..itu ini...fiNe..
caSe referraL : "iZneEee..aWk tolOng refer BEd nii tO cardiO..BeD nii tO nePhrO.." begegas gitu aKU pegi aMik fiLe patienT..KEne Belek saTu2 cAse die..Kene Plak akU yg lemBaP ni Kan..caLL carDiO..pUppp Kene MAraH sedas.."aWaK niiii TataU keS caNE nK refer..PanggIl yO MO now!" Kene MAraH jugak?haih, niaT hati nK tolOnG MO LA duGaaN..tK kNe maraH caNE nk Blaja kan..?right!
humm..bUT whaT if..yU have doNe nOthinG wroNG(kot..) bUt oTher MOs are talkiNG abOut yU behind yo bacK.withoUt Telling yu wat's gOInG oN..waT haVE yu doNe wroNg..tHey duN even haVE gUTS to tell Me iNfroNt Of MY face.stupidO really. TheSe ppl aRe reaLLy gettinG into mY nerves!
I duncare if tHey waNa telL me whaT haVe i done wrong, but pLS la. duN talk behiNd My bacK.its sO not professioNaL..kan?haih..Br masoK keje SbUlaN tp da mcm2 haL jd..nK mnanGis?haih, so not wortH it.sedih?mmG la sedih tP maraH tuh lagi byk dr sedih, caUse i tot These ppl realLy haVe braiNS, but they duN even haVE one.pakai lutot je.haih!