Dear Diary..

Friday, January 29, 2010

snOwBoardin' rawKs!

yeas it iS!! det wAs mY first tYme in mY 6 Yrs (yea2 lAugh2 till Yu droP..Buwek!hehe) seriOUsly, i neVer wenT tO snowbOard B4..wiTh gUd bUddiEs: joK, paaN, Yatt, an aNd her sis, SaM, SuLAs aNd lin..tHanKs gUys Sbb aja care Pakai kaSOt dan slide dGN maJUnye.hahaha.and sO yeS yes, its wortH The waitinG.witH 350ruBs per hOur, i can get mY cute lil fiNgerS FroSt-bitten.sure caN MUnyah, dis Was sO goNa sticK-up in MY HeAd lYke FOREVER! aaN aNd her sisTer(azaLia) aNd jOk were riDing tHat tUbe sumthiNg aNd deMN thOse were sO kewLLLLL..jOK said itS like yUr ridinG a pelamPoNG at SUnwaY laGoOn.wowww..bestNye, bUt Then taK sMPT try sBB dak2 nih da slamaT minoM chai dkaT caFe.haha..sO tiNGgaL la sNOwBoarders YG haNdaL dan TAK PNAH TGULING BANTING nih atas Bukit2 Salji nih..hAhahHa..OwH paaN, kO caM teRER GILE JEK SMALAM?? TAK JATOHHHHH PONN????hahahahahaha...tHere YU Go..lUtOt lbaM.pINGgaNG sakiT.tP besT!!! Uh OHh, alaN..kaT mEsia KO g snOwBoardiNG taK?? (JELES-MODE).hahahahha!!

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