Dear Diary..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

iTs a woNderfuL daaaiiii..

haihh...wELcomE tO dis FeelinG..haha.will coMe..weLcoMe..a feelinG Of sLeepiNesSs aaalllLLL daY lonGgg...tHE borinGNeSss thaT will coMEe.The feelinG of tiReDneSs walkiNG aT The malll 8 HOurs in a roWw..uuuww..thinKinG of watchiNG new mOOn TwiligHt sAga..bUt Oww..i NEeda wait UNtil NexT weeKend which iS toMOro..fOr The sakE of the 200 ruBS per ticket )iNstead of 300ruBs)..hahahhaha..owH owH..nK mamam!