Dear Diary..

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dear diary..

Dear hafiz, You got a new job. More promising. With just single interiew (or can i say a meeting), you passed it, and was proudly sent the offer letter. Wow. Woow. I'm proud of yu my sweet darling. Decision on decision, quitting this current job is not that easy tho. I knw how y feel, i know how yo days and night filled with fears and confusion. But, i believe yu. Yo decision would never be wrong. Just remember, I will always got your back, no matter what. Whatever happens. Regards, Iznee sofi

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My new crib! gile best! Tp humm bole tahan jaoh aaa jugak hukm. Tp antam sajja la. Yg aku tahu..kalo friday mmg tak balek uma..mmg tros shhooooott g kota dsara utk berfutsal. Kalo balik ruma, kompem futsal atas katilll...yang adooo. Uh smbg mopping + gardening la! Cauwa.