Dear Diary..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2 cycLes awaY

uw.m cuRrenTly havinG mY sTudy"daY" off for My tropical diseaSe exam tOmorrow.and nexT week m sO reallY gOna startinG mY FINAL CYCLE of my 6-yr stUdy.TheraPy..for 5 weeks.daMnn yawl..ah i KeeP oN clickinG2 oN noNsenSe websiTeS oN mY screen.waT The hell la.i need tO sTudy tHoseee binatanG kcik2 det epidemic and pandemicAllY causiNg diSeaseSSSS to populatioN all aroUnd the world lah!chowww Wa!!