Dear Diary..

Friday, April 30, 2010

haPpY birThdaY BroTher.

blOw The caNdleS out :) haPpY BirtHdaY tO You. i MessaGed mY bro thiS morninG, remiNdinG him not to cLaim his BirtHday presenT when i coMe hoMe.i passEd it dy thru my freN who wenT bacK to MalaYsia durinG wiNter breaK.afTer i warNed him,he waS lYke, Gelak2 tak ikLas (He's sO gOna asK a lot more froM Me laTer.i GuaranteE det) haha.gile.naSeb baekLa ko sOranG je aDik aKu.kalO ramai, maHu aKU Keje chOp duit dkaT kilaNG buaT duit PaLsu.huhu.
h oh.i jUst crackiNg uP mY brain laUghinG laUGhinG aNd laUGhinG with my deaResT fUtsaL maTes.damN i leV eM.they made me feeL lyke Home.even im jusT being parT of The uni teaM lasT 3-4 weeKs before The reaL gaME was.ThaNKs gUys.leV lOads!
waT else, Oww! we, me And mAz were coUntinG dayS durinG our ride tO meTrO statiOn. we JusT haVe 8 daYs left tO finisH our STUDY-WORLD! serioUsly, 8 dayS more tO finisH clasSes, aNd later finaL exaM..aNd later.nO more More skipPinG clAss, nO More waking uP late, nO More Suke2 ati NK cuti, nO more eVErything! sad!! sad!! hum, taK keje mN nK dpt gaji.tak Dpt gaji mn NK beli kerete.taK beli kerete Mn Nk jalaN2 sakaN.erk?hihihi..weeeeeeee, sLeePY dY.makan bYk, ckP byk, pnaT pon byk.uh, we waTched sLOw n sTupid SOFT PORN movie proMoted bY CHANAD CMD ok!! and we were Lyke, chaNad! chaNge tHe mOvie now, pls?huhu