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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Charms. Oh charms. I used to think that charm is something that only certain people will buy. People that have nothing else to do in life except for charm hunting. Vietnam, Bangkok. Even to USA and Denmark? Who the hell did that except for the rich and famous? More money coming in into their bank account every month without thinking about working 8-10 hours every single day. uh oh. Can i be one them? huhuuu

anyway. Now, things changed. Why? Of course because of Pandora baby! Now i know why they are crazily into charms! (except for i'm not rich and famous. muahahahah).

                                          Here is the video on how they focus on the charm's making.

Baby Hafiz keep on wondering why Pandora is a choice while i can spend the money on a real gold. hahhaha. Yeah, its an investment. But the charms are memories! Which one you prefer? Krik krik, Hahahahah.(just say yes to Pandora daddy!)

ok, i think tats it for now. As a summary, women are different in their own way. So, just support them guys!

Till then yaw!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Caffeine VS Pregnancy

Hey Ho!
Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all! How's the celebration? Good? No celebration? No lembu or kambing  to sembelih? It's ok...yang penting happy! As for me, i celebrated Aidiladha only with my baby hubby and my 2 brother hero as our parents are not here performing Haj (amin.. semoga mendapat haji yang mabrur). Quite a sad raya, but compensated with - WE WENT BACK TO MY HUSBAND's kampung! beraya sakan jugakla dekat Tampin tu..lotsa lotsa lotsa foods!

Hello Lembu, what a niceeee teeth yu have!

Eh, asal lain je topic dengan content? you go!

Why suddenly i talk about Caffeine VS Pregnancy?why oh why?jeng jeng.

Because, i LOVE COFFEE which contains CAFFEINE and now i'm 9 weeks PREGNANT!
clap clap clap! Alhamdulillah..Semoga menjadi baby yang soleh/solehah ok dan comel macaaaaaaammmmmm mommy ok? woot woot!AMIN!

                                                              Oh, caramel machiato :'(

What is caffeine? Senang cerita, it's a substance contains in coffee, tea, soft drink and even chocolates and its also one of the STIMULANT DRUG or 'psychoactive drug'. Jeng jeng, doesnt mean all of us is a drug addict ye. Jangan risau. huhu. It affects the central nervous system(sistem saraf pusat) in human and it restores the alertness. Yeah, thats explain why you drink coffee during your exam's week. Kan? Stay-up letewww ;)

In pregnancy, no studies shows that pregnant lady MUST AVOID caffeinated drink. But at least cut down the amount - from 3 cups of coffee per day (macam aku je tu) to maybe a cup a day or maybe none at all. Or make it less than 200mg/day or 12 oz cup of coffee. As for me, make it decaffeinated! wee, but its still a coffee at the end :( it's so hard...especially when you are DIE HARD FAN of starbucks! (sorry baby Hafiz, for keep asking you to give me a sip of your yummy coffee). Huhuhu

These are few reasons why preggies should avoid this lovely coffee! (based on few research done over the internet and books)

1) In first trimester (week 4-12 of your pregnancy), it increases risk of miscarriage (keguguran)
2) Double the risk of still birth (Bayi meninggal di dalam rahim ibu setelah kandungan berusia 24 minggu dan seterusnya)
3) Studies shows that newborn will have a faster heart beat and will keep spend time awake more in few weeks of life (penat lah papa mama ye.)
4) In pregnant lady, you might suffer from anemia or kurang sel darah merah. Because, caffeine contains substance called PHENOLS that reduce the iron absorption in your body.
5) Caffeine causes insomnia! and faster heart rate. Dahlah berdebar nak bersalin, berdebar2 sbb banyak caffeine dalam badan pulak. hhuu

Amount of caffeine in common foods and beverages

coffee, generic brewed8 oz95-200 mg
coffee, Starbucks brewed16 oz (grande)330 mg
coffee, Dunkin' Donuts brewed16 oz211 mg
caffé latte, misto, or cappuccino, Starbucks16 oz (grande)150 mg
caffé latte, misto, or cappuccino, Starbucks12 oz (tall)75 mg
espresso, Starbucks1 oz (1 shot )75 mg
espresso, generic1 oz (1 shot)64 mg
coffee, generic instant1 tsp granules31 mg
coffee, generic decaffeinated8 oz2 mg

black tea, brewed8 oz47 mg
green tea, brewed8 oz25 mg
black tea, decaffeinated8 oz2 mg
Starbucks Tazo Chai Tea latte16 oz (grande)95 mg
instant tea, unsweetened1 tsp powder26 mg
Snapple16 oz42 mg
Lipton Brisk iced tea12 oz5 mg

Soft drinksAmountCaffeine
Coke12 oz35 mg
Diet Coke12 oz47 mg
Pepsi12 oz38 mg
Diet Pepsi12 oz36 mg
Jolt Cola12 oz72 mg
Mountain Dew12 oz54 mg
7-Up12 oz0 mg
Sierra Mist12 oz0 mg
Sprite12 oz0 mg

Energy drinksAmountCaffeine
Red Bull8.3 oz77 mg
SoBe Essential Energy, berry or orange8 oz48 mg
5-Hour Energy2 oz138 mg

dark chocolate (70-85% cacao solids)1 oz23 mg
milk chocolate1.55-oz9 mg
coffee ice cream or frozen yogurt8 oz2 mg
hot cocoa8 oz8-12 mg
chocolate chips, semisweet4 oz53 mg
chocolate milk8 oz5-8 mg

So. i think me myself need to slowdown. Yeah, i've improved a lot! Goodluck Iznee and Coffee!hehehe

Da ...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Locum malam ni, antara locum2 terpanas.

Datang sorang patient dan suami. Baru kawin 3 minggu. Suami muke ketat smacam (baru gado ke ape?). Si isteri sakit perut, muntah2, cirit birit. Period baru je lepas. So impossible lah pregnant. So saje la gurau2, "takleh bau badan suami kott..." Si isteri bantai gelak. Si suami muke mcm (aku rs nk tampal ngn plastesin pon ade). Boleh suami die cakap " Doktor boleh cepat skit tak, saya ade tahlil ni, kopiah pon tak tanggal lagi ni" - sambil tjk kopiah atas kpale (ade saya kay-sah kopiah atas kpale ke lutut?), dan terus menyambung statement dgn penuh amarah la konon " Saya dtg klinik pukul 6 td, doktor takde, klinik pulak nak tutup da" sambil setelkan ayat blakang yg aku cam denga tak denga tapi kedengaran mcm kuang ajo gak la.
Haih, boleh tros aku denga patient ckp cmtu!

Saudare, pertama: klinik ni mmg tutup pukul 6, mmg la doktor takde!
Kedua: sy takkan tgk patient saya cincai2, kalo nk cincai, tayah tgk pon tkpe. 
Ketiga: Nape awk tk pegi klinik kerajaan yg bukak 24 jam? Hospital pon tak pnah tutop rasenye.

Jawapan beliau: oh, klinik kerajaan bukak ke? (Macha, aku rs satu tganu pon tahu klinik ade MA active oncall)

DEY, sbb tu la, kalau tatau tanye. This is private clinic. Suke hati IBU AYAHHH die laaaa nk bkk pukol bape.
Yg aku peliknye, IBU AYAH kamu tak aja ke care masok tempat org, mintak servis org, kena beradab. Duit bukan sgalenye la. Bukak la kopiah tu. Malu. Sedih. Memalukan lagi menyedihkan lagi tersedih!

Well said, dunia semakin berakhir.
Sekianlah luahan prasaan.