Dear Diary..

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 39 and Day 5.

No signs of baby princess is coming out tonight yea.
No contractions.
No bloody show.
No leaking liquor.

So comfortable inside ke babygirl. How mommy and daddy feel like going in there and play with youuu..weeheheeeeeeeeeeeeee.............

Oh, i'm so happy that i could myself auscultate your fast heartbeat using my stathescope. For the FIRST TIME!! ooowwhhh... manis nye saat itu. Manis manis manis. Bile mommy nk denga lagi skali dah tak bunyi dah. Dah pandai main hide and seek ni. What a good progress! hahaha. Later i'll let daddy hear pulak ok. Kalau bernasib baik :p

Oh yes. Tomorrow my next appt with Datuk Aziz. Probably the final one? I wonder what he gonna say. Or decide. Or giving options, maybe? You want your baby's out..? Hell yeah! We misssssssss our baby so much!

Oh, that's her!! At 28th week of mommy's pregnancy. Bambam nyewww awwww tew tew tew. May you grow well and safe and sound and everything yang baik2 sahaje sayang!

We'll se you in NOOOO TIME!!!



Thursday, November 13, 2014

39th week and labour augmentation

Heyyo heyyo.

I went for my antenatal visit @ 39weeks yesterday and BISHOP score was done ( BISHOP score is the method of how your gynaecologist predicting your labour progress especially in your late pregnancy). Oh, guess what. My gynaeologist smiled and said, "OPTIONALLY, you can admit tonight and deliver you babygirl by tomorrow afternoon..if you want..".Terkejut beruk mokcik.
My BISHOP score was very good..cervix softened and the fetal station (kedudukan baby) was so low already, Almost all of her head is already in my pelvis area! But there's no cervical dilatation yet :(

Make it short, everything is ready. I just need the dilatation and contraction. There you go, BISHOP SCORE.

I was consulted by my gynae regarding labour augmentation (some said it's as same as labour induction) but yeah i think there's a different, Somehow.Usually induction will be done @38th week of pregnancy if there's any indication that will cause mother and baby in danger (if they wait for the due date for the labour to happen). Hypertension, Diabetes, postdate, etc. But nowadays, maybe people choose to augment or induce the labour just to..?get the best date..?planning for the holidays? pftt..

The day when a mother admit to the hospital, the gynae will insert the cervical tablet (Prostin which contains the prostaglandin) that will soften the cervix and for dilatation to happen. Next thing, if the contraction doesnt happen or weak, they will put in the IV Pitocin to initiate or increase the contraction. And tarra, Baby's out. OR, you will end up with the Caesarian Section. Because of non-progressive labour induction. Yeah things happen. Jika DIA kata JADILAH, siapa kita untuk menghalangnya. Kan? :)

So, back to reality. Pikir punya pikir and after asking for the experts opinions, we think..there's no need to rush. Why..?
1) no indication, i'm well so far. alhamdulillah..
2) i have no contraction at all
3) we need to talk to baby first about this..does she ready to come out? :)))))
4) aku yang tak prepare mental lagi. Petang ni decide nk beranak, esok dah beranak. fuih.

Yeah, it's different feeling if the contractions come on its own. Not planned. Betul tak?
And also true, if im scared that the augmentation process does'nt go well and end up with c-sect...actually it can happen anyway if your contraction comes naturally and your natural labour doesnt progress well. You ended up in the OT as well. Same je. Semuanya terserah pada Allah. Plan lah macam mane terbali dunie pon.

So here i am. Blogging. Waiting for the contraction to come. Waiting for husband to come home and eat dinner togetha!
Cuti sudah bermula! Heyyo heyyo! pariappa pariappa.
Hopefully i can update my labour progress in my next entry. Amin amin!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

The letter to our princess.

Assalamualaikum babygirl.
Hye, it's been 38weeks we've been together! Buat ape kat dalam tu sorang-sorang tu..? Tak sempit ke..? Nk pok amai2 pon mommy rase dah tak muat dah.. Kesian anak mommy daddy ni ye. Takpe..lepas ni..lepas dah keluar..kite pakat menggolek atas perot daddy ok? Mari kite golakkan jiwe daddy. Nak? Hehehe

So..anyway.. Bile our princess ni nak keluar jumpe mommy daddy..? (Bunyi jantung berdebar kenceengg). Cuak pulak gigirl. Eh, mommy. Takleh dah mommy nk fefeeling jadi gigirl. Pura2 cute macam sizuka. Oh maii. Bertukar status!

I just want you to know princess, this wonderful 9 months and yet counting is the best journey mommy and daddy ever have. You give us the best feeling and the sweetest moment ever! The way you make us nearly cry when the test strip shows POSITIVE sign (after few times of testing - with the same result), how we kept track on the babybump apps almost everyday of how you're progressing ( from the size of an appleseed until you become the size of a mini watermelon ngeeee), how mommy yang tak pernah nauseated and vomited tiba2 muntah sebaik sahaje bukak pintu kereta dan terus mc dan menjadi sayur the next day, how mommy suddenly had fever and bad cough that one night and daddy had to give mommy a massage smpi daddy nk terkerepot tahan ngantok (loveyou daddy). Oh oh, thankyou princess sbb tak buatkan mommy craving bende pelik cthnye mcm unta masak madu bersalut pasir buatan egypt mahupun mintak Audi a5. Kalau tak, sudah sudah tentu la mommy dicampak elok je ke dlm Lautan Hindi oleh daddy, bolehla alang2 tu mommy g join misi pencarian MH370 yg tak sudah2 tu. Oh, MH370 tu kapal terbang. Eh,  Nanti mommy cerita pasal MH370 ble baby da keluar ok? Bedtime story, hah amik. Advanced sangat.

Dear baby, mommy dah byk sgt dah denga cerite pasal contraction pain during labour..all those braxton hicks, plus plus this and that. And mommy can't wait to experience that. So does daddy. He can't wait go be my greatest labor partner. We can't wait to see you for the first time sayang, come faster!!! Grow well inside us precious princess. May you be the best khalifah Allah sent us.

We love you. So much.
Love, Mommy & Daddy.