Dear Diary..

Monday, June 21, 2010

aFter 6 yeARs.

im sO gOna miSs all THe adreNaline-ruSh fLowinG uP n down tHru my BloOd sTReaM durinG exaMs.oh, maYbe i can ganti it wiTh tHe ruSh of KENE MARAH DGN DOCTORS?SPECIALISTS?welcoMe izNEe.nOpe, i dowana thiNK abOUt it.waT i waNt nOw..arrivinG of MY FAMILY in MOscOW!! cpTla cptla! i canT wait tO let'em see My DAMN COOL HOSTEL..with 'HOT WATER' aND proPer sLeepiNG pLAcEs.haha..tHey muSt b prOUd of ME.sO calleD the i..?Yes.i aM.we aRE The sUrvivORs..21sT jUNE 2010.The daY we finiShed eVerythiNg.The SchoOl.THe paperS.ThaNk God for aLL thE BLessiNGs yu giVe..MAHA KAYA.MAHA MEMAKBULKAN.

huM, bb's gOing TO RedaNG.suDdenLY oN his way tO The Bus statiON, HiS pHOne sHUt-down aND NeVe caN be POwer On again.ah!i miSyu dy.deyyy..!wait foR Me baBE..spaRe soMe cheeKS for Me tO bite k.nOm nOm NOm.err..hahahahha.

hOw aRe yU BUbu?mOMma n mOmMy missYU so much..we NeeD yU tO gataL2 wif Us durinG our haPPY dayS here.humm..