Dear Diary..

Friday, June 18, 2010

18th jUNe 2010 **bYe bUbU**

She's leaving MoscOW for MalaYsia..ThaNKs a bUncH tO auNty YaTT yaNg saNGgOp bwK BubU baleK, sBB mOmma aNd MOmma still haVe tO kicK sUm assES in MoscOw in order tO cOMe bacK aNd sEe yU agaiN beby! aNd tO aUNty aMy, MaY aNd uncLe HAzwaN..thaNk yu gUys tO aLso aLsO taKe a lOOk after bUbu.we HoPe thaT yU staY sTronG durinG yOur JournEy, jaNgaN kencinG aNd BeraK sUke2 ati bUbu, nati sTewaRdeSs marah.haha..miSyU si BUbuLu.i Love yOu!!