Dear Diary..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

CMEHA 8m!!

oowwh My mY.finaLLy i met YU.aNd i TrieD my VerY-verY-SeriOUsly harD tO kNow yu USSR -LOMo!hahaha..iTs nOt THaT haRd JUst reacHed tHe leVeL of TAK-BOLE-BNAFAS je.manE ade haL!haha..dis iS my 1sT tyMe of my 6-th yeAr life Here, i wenT tO ISmailOvski for The MOscow-CARBOOt-saLe-kot.hahah..gile.MY daD gOan lOVe dis daMn much.seriOUSly.uhh..! i waS thinKing tO get the Zenit 3 or Smena or The FED.buT tHen, tHeyRe juSt tOO heAvy TO brinG bacK.takPela.papa gOt One zEnit.aLSo froM carbOOt.bOle cilOK je kan pa?haha..muah2.haha..owh! bB da balik KL..!da braBOk da skYpe!! winDu2! ecikk aTi itee awK tinGGal ame222! sad..hikhik.levYu tO the MAXIMUM nye!