Dear Diary..

Friday, August 13, 2010


iTs beeN a while.One mOnth.yeas.its been a mONth.nothinG great new ye ke?mcm Ade.ive BecoMe lazier thaN before.haha.normal la tuh kan..?org habiS blaja.enJoy la Puas2 :) aNYwey, pUase pOn da staRt.i wanTed to go oUt and have sOme tiMe with mr bebY saye, buT Then..He's kinda bUsy.oUtstation-inG Here and There.but thats the chaLLenge we HAve to face.i mussttt sUPport him.whateVe he do.i caNNot get geT get cranKy if he din layan me a loT.pahaM jiwe Katekan.aww Aww..humm..macaMaNe la bLe aku da stat keje.but i kNOe he UNderstaND me more thaN myself.hahah.

oH, God..pls pls..lEmme work aNd get mY inductioN after raYe.yes, exactly After RaYe.i kNow my wisH seeMS to direct and MenYamPahkan..buT Pls....God :) GimMe mY 'final' chance tO raYe with FreedoM aNd no-resPONsibilitiesssss!!

oNe More..BLACK or WHITE...???aghh!