Dear Diary..

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Antibiotic for LAYMAN.

Doktor: makcik, anak sakit ape?
Makcik: demam selsema da 3 hari, sy nak antibiotik la. eh makcik ni..

Doktor: makcik tahu ke antibiotik tu ape?
Makcik: mati kuman 

Hurm, ok....

Doktor: mati kuman ape makcik?
Makcik: tatau, tp ORANG KATE kalau demam, kene makan antibiotik.
Doktor: oh, orang kate. Tapi makcik tahu ke antibiotik tu untuk sakit ape sbenanye?
Makcik: tatau.

Ok, there yu go. There's too much of 'orang kate tu, orang kate ni' in our community. Pity the layman. They hear this and that, and BELIEVE **without asking the right person** and no doubt, ade patient yg marah doctors OK sbb tak prescribe antibiotic for their flu-child!

Ok, iklan: 
- makan ubat kencing manis, rosak buah pinggang ( did they know, its the diabetes that cause their kidney damage??). Sugar high sky, somemore tanak makan ubat ka pacik?dey!
- tak makan pil perancang tapi makan jamu (or makjong or mahjung or watevs), but its actually our contraceptive pills are wrapped tight in their jamu? 

Ok, back to the antibiotic.

Doctors, we learned a lot about it. No need to tell the patient about the classification, generations and stuff. They dont care. Educate them. Tell them when to give, do's and dont's. Thats it. So that the right info will be spread around! 

Save the antibiotics if you want them to save you.
Thank you. Renung- renungkan, dan jgn makan byk sgt antibiotik.