Dear Diary..

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Oo, hey ho! I guess i should give more time to writing now. Yeah, in case my head bumped into something big and i got memory lost ke (nauzubillahh...) at least  i had something to bring my life back on, kanThis diary! wey, seriously did previously Blogger got the smiley2 icon one heh?takde ke? Serious? Ok back to reality Iznon.

Anyway, my baby dah balik from his 'orientation' kinda thing at Petronas Learning been busy kan syg? Good luck hero for your first day of life day after tomorrow!

Locum. yeah, im doing locum right now. Its a good way to earn your knowledge. Seriously, maybe a lil bit of money if im broke. hahhaha ok bai. sleep lah. dah tua.