Dear Diary..

Monday, December 7, 2009

interbaTch SportS Game.F.I.N.A.L.E

Owhh..Yeasss..iTs 2 deYs! seeMS liKe iT wAs mY fiNaL InterbatcH.ouch..SAD..humm..Nwey!!tHe GOod newS was..Our BAtch HaV Been awarDed as THE BEST BATCH as we R The chaMpioN of the Yr! waT a MeMOry..damn!haha..aNd yeaH the oTher thanG was..i'd Been aWarDed As BEST SPORTSWOMEN..uh..ThanKs gUY..this is mY FINAL AWARD durinG schOOl daYs i thinK :(
sedihnye!Yeah,baK kaTe paaN in his bLog, we Hev 6 mOre MoNtHs tO Our Graduation ke?siYes..sHit..owh..YeaH paaN (He UseD to be d-sweeT Bf Of MY bestbUddY alaN).owhh, hOw I missEd seeing eM went OUt datinG, laUGhed bla bla bla..tkPela..MAsing2 Da ade partnEr MAsing2 kaN..dan SAYAAA??? dGn Mr BebYboY yanG coMel!i LOVE yOU bb.BENAR KU TAK BOHONG!!