Dear Diary..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


OK skanG sUdeY tiBe mAse utk aKU utk Buhsan sparo Seda.kawan2..APe itu PeritoNitis..?HUmm..SesuaTu yG bile sBot agak senanG, tP ble cikgu taNye, bOley buaT akU tenGange.muhaha
PERITONITIS : funGaL or bacteriaL iNflammatiON Of peritoNeum..(ape itu Pulak periToneum? Peritoneum is A silK-liKe memBraNe yanG coVer kt pUnye inner abdominaL waLL daN orgaN2 dlM badan nih..)

How They develOp?
haa...ini YG kT naK kenE taHU..penting nih..!
  • froM aN infected Organ ( infected orgaN caN caUse scatTEriNG of infectioN iN peritoNeal cavity.ctH cam perfOratioN of stOmach, InteStine, gaLL bLAdder)
  • LepaS sUrgeRy?yeas..mUngkin Juge..Sebab..meBBe ms OperaTioN uh, there's maYbe sligHt damaGe tO orgaN sucH as gallbladder..Stomach..sPleeN tahT caN droP the Bcterial tO periToneal cavity..whO knowS ryte?doctors aRe HUMAn too!
  • PeriToneaL diaLysis..?yeah..iTs a metHod of Treatment for chronic kidney a usinG of oNe's peritoNeum as a MemBraNe for BLood aNd oTher flUids aNd dissOLved subStaNces (urea, alBumin, electroLytes) EXCHANGE.
SymPtoMS!! e

  • pain In partS of aBdoMen (saNGat sakit..PErlukan painkiller!)
  • Muscle TenSion
  • naUsea, vOmittinG
  • difficultiES to pass StOOl aNd GAses yaKni..SUSA NAK BERAK! --> SyMptoM paresis of iNTestine
  • increaSe temPeratUre
HOw tO exaMine?

  • full BloOd coUnt (PLus RHesUs-factor and Blood grOUp)
    • LeucocyTosis
  • UriNe anAlysis
  • eCg
  • RenTgeNograPhy of aBdomen
parT paling BesT, TreaTMent !

  1. antiBacteriaL TheraPy (cepHaloSporin II aNd III GeneratioN, aMinoglYcOside)
  2. iNfuSion Therapy not More ThaN 1500-2000 ml yeah..(10% gLucoSe SoLution or Ringer-LactatE sOlution)
  3. aahh..painKiLLER...
  4. TreaTmenT of iNteStinaL paresis (URBETIL, PROZERiN)
  5. draiNage of The fluid.
  6. Surgery..Ngeh2...
    1. reMovinG SOurcE of InfectioN (kaLO taK beJaye cari sourcE nih..bUat fisTUla(hOle), drain aNd taMponade it)
    2. cleaNing of aBdominaL cavity
    3. NasoiNtestinaL IntUBAtion (NII)PLUS intesTinaL TapPiNg(cikgu akU ckP..NII uh slalUnye iNdicaTE utk reduce IntoxicatioN and prOphyLactic utk pareSis of InteStinal)
    4. drainAge of abdominaL cavity
huiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhhh...MngaNtoKnye daku! mcM nk tidO je..?Boley kah?hahahha