Dear Diary..

Monday, November 30, 2009


kumOSc StaNds fer KELAB UMNO MOSCOW.yeaH aND YeRsterdaY was The Sports daY Held by 'em..aNd fer SURE..Jen aND JOK tooK Part in SeLLing foOdS thiNGy..!!!OwH we HeV new ShaRe hOlder YESteRdaY..!!mira si bUntal!!hihi..we Made aLMost 200 Boxes of nAsik AyaM percik aNd nAsik pLanTa wiTH Both chicKen-aSsOciaTEd **hehe** aNd PlUs2 KEK PIsang aNd oNde2 aka Buah Mlake aNd kuih sagU MeraH..Uhhhh...aNd i thinK we Shud Hev More UntoNG than we got wAs sO not WORTH IT..huh!!i doNo WAs sO out Of BUdget..(lucky we gOt back our duit Modal)...oh!and me aNd Mira were playiNG futsaL sUmmore..after a rice-workinG and non-sLeepinG nYte..E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D..finaL mInuteS befOre They wanT Us tO cleaN UP thiNGs..we soLd alL thOse nasiK for 70 ruBs!!lantak la..!hahha..but tHen, we Hed fUn tho..even a bit.haha..sbb aT least Boley Baya hUtanG and so oN.hahha.