Dear Diary..

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday flies away.

Hey, woke up @ 11am.  Mama knocked my room's door, saying papa and her going for open houses, itu went to gym. And abe still sleeping. Took shower, BBMing Faeda the bongek, met up at Rashid's. Potpet a bit, chauu. Berchenta at Stw for few hours, then went home. Made baked macaroni, watched Momok and here i am, blogging @1230am. Deng meng, so fast wey! And tomorrow m going to be so un-decidable. If  Dr Ixora signed my precious logbook, then there i go. Starting back my so-called workaholisticshitty life AGAIN. If she never sign yet, like aww..Holiday for one more day! yeash!
err, ok.

                                                this is Faeda and her sangat beautiful fren ;)

ho ho ho.