Dear Diary..

Thursday, October 20, 2011


It's been a month since i've been in this I like it...hmmm...I quite like it..cause fortunately I had two good mo's...yeah..they dun treat me as as a houseman but as a colleague..great isn't it..but yeah..sum thing I do not like about here..mmm...some of the mo' are like having excessive estrogen or or progestrone...hum.tah..they sound silly sometimes..scolding ppl without no reason..ah yeah some of em..err...specialist mostly...are not married!!!! Deng Mengg...y arrr?ok I might sound exaggerating things out...but yeah most of them..hahahah!ok..ramzi remind me earlier..if yu choose to be a pediatrician..yu should have be ready to get marry late!ok now I believe yu!hahahaha is my active case come..I clerk..I present.5 pm..chow!!!! Cheerss... .assalamualaikum.