Dear Diary..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

4th posting: PAEDIATRIC

Day 1.

Arrived at 11am in the morning. Register here and there, filled up this and that.
Called up the specialist who take care of houseman, and she said "i'll see yu when i see yu in the ward"
like, errr ok..specialist (always like that) bla bla

ok, there yu go. 2 months in general paeds, 1 month in paeds onco/daycare, 1 month in NICU (codepink).
And finish, senang kan (kepale hotak kaw)

Got PINK team! Lead by Prof Wu (they said she's nice), Dr Ng (specialist - she introduce herself to me..hmm not bad :), Dr Khurul, Chow, Boekhren, Joyce (the MOs). erm, so far, Joyce macam kerek. Khurul mcm ok. Chow best (i knew her since OnG) and Boekhren, ok kot?hehe.

Today, a good PINK labels on the patient's board! (which is no patient at all) haaha!i like. Welcoming me to this kanak2 riang world kan?

My team-mate - Fazrul. Macam biase, dgn muke ketat die..langsong tak orientate aku pagi td. Say hi pon tak, Ngok. Ptg bru nampak btg hidong, mase tu aku da mati kutu stress sorang2. Nasib bek ade Kak Dell, kalo tak aku da simbah hydrogen peroxide atas muke ktat ko tu Fazrul. Nasib baik wife ko baik. Kalo tak lagi skali aku simbah asid..garang ni!

Ow ok. Fuh fuh, smoge esok akan bahagia.

Thanks to MooCow, yogurt yg sdap. And thanks baby hero, sbb tman destresskan diri. Hehe. Sayang yu aw aw.