Dear Diary..

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Time goes by. Lin's married. Got pregnant!Jok's getting engage. Alan's had been 'risik'ED by torres. Maz, Sulas, A'an and Sam..and myself?still planning planning planning. Hehehe.
Me and hafiz.
We plan to get married soon. yeah, seriously we do think of getting our kids together. Live together. Do everything together. I cant wait! Money? Boleh dicari. Bak kate org, kalo asyik pk duit, smpi lebam kau tak kawen.
Uh, i just love him so much. I just cant live without him.God!
If sometimes there's some jealousness occur between us, Darling i just want you to know, its just because i just want you to be with me (yeah i know you will :) NO DOUBT.. (i would smack all the stupid ladies out there who's trying to interfere. SERIOUSLY - cause they should KNOW, they're just a piece of smelly dumbassisss RUBBISH)
Owh ok.
How's the feeling of buying barang2 hantaran together?AWWWWWWWWWW! so sweet!
Cant wait!! (again) kling kling kling.