Dear Diary..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


For God sake, i double-parked my car with my phone number on the dashboard and some more you asked my."why the hell should i call you?" like..err...

That's the story. When some narrow-minded, modernized city folks cant just think as much as other ppl think. Staring on ppl (for just double parked your car!)as they had killed some of your stupid mother father loh! Ayyo. Dey, go back to yo hometown lah!

uh, i forgot. Maybe they felt angry at me because my face just looks like their ex-employer who just threw them away from the employee's list?oh sorry for that!ORRR..did they just told yu that yu are having HIV positive. pity yuu..BLUEK BLUEK. thats the reason why you get so angry..i forgive yuu! muaahaha..mua HA HA HA.

see you.