Dear Diary..

Sunday, March 27, 2011


huuuuu...dis is waT I call relaxinG! tamBah2 lagi when yU have to Oncall The nexT day.hehe. oncall. wisH cud write a letTer to anY of KKM's peep, requEstinG for NO ONCALLs! for soMe reason..(Like..allergic tO oncall?)..wee! haih, anYhow, noT a sinGle doctOr caN escape froM it.seriOusly!

AnYwey, had mY day fuLL of fun tOday..wenT oUt wif beebee yG gile mMg taK pnaH buaT our datinGness day boring!haih, bile nK kawen seriousLy. everyBodys gettin enGaGed.married.havinG own hapPy life.kalO hapY dgN famiLy sniriK je tkpe.nih sibOk2 tY akU ble nK kawen sUme.nmind2..koranG kaweN la Puas2 duLu..nati bLe aku

kawen..kOranG da expired da ms tu.hehehehehhe.

AnYwey, like He said..he's Gona stUck to Me like glue..yeah, and m goNa stucK to hiM like forever! ya LublU tebya babe!