Dear Diary..

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

im OperaTing!

iM nOt acTually 0PeratinG. but AssiSting!hahahah.. 3 OT coNtinuOUSly in 4 hOuRs..RetRActinG tHose bla bla (i canT remEmBer eVerY each oF thOSe surgical InstrumenTs la!). Hernia repAir, trachaL cyst remOvaL, LipomA removal. Lucky we duN Hev tYme for 2Nd Hernia. if Not i wiLL be stuck there like..EVER! uhh...waT i like abOut OT?
I LIKE THE OT SUIT. bole bwk tido!
anYwey, OT was fuN. i leaRnt a lOt. buT i wiSh i cud see tHis oNe Operation. PERICARDIECTOMY. How DatO raMzi And ProF Zamrin saFe mY pApa for his pericaditiss!
One day.
i wisH.