Dear Diary..

Monday, March 21, 2011

new intrapostiNg team

Hehe..tHe questiOn is : whY is it owez..I aM alOne durinG ONE-ward postinG..? Like in med 6, med 3.hum hum.
BUt its ok.
SumtyMe feel like workinG alOne in One ward wud Be mUch
Better.kot? buT if there's lini , wud Be mUchhhhh moreeeeeee better!!!!
Ok ok. urolOgy. yeah m alone Here for 2 weeks. and goiNg for HepatO team nxt. luckY its noT an OT week.if not,I DIE. serioUsly. but next week..I DIE.cause its OT weeK. and for The trilliOn time, m gOna die aLone. buwek2. staff nUrse kT surg 3 baek2 aja.oh yes for sUre akU bOle msoKkan CBD gne kaki saje after 2 weeks timw.kan??hahaha! wuh! esoK oncll. nK tido la!