Dear Diary..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

keep sHOpping keep sHoppinG!

lyke oMG! i cant stop my strong desire tO shop!! serioUsly..wheN mOnth coMe to its enD, then the NO-MONEY feelinG burniiiinnnnngg insideee..!hoooyeh!howww la..tO sTop..this is noo goOd at sPent like 200+ for La Senza onli..nObodY seesss it anywey..wHy shOuld i spent lots and lots on it??haiya..then, i answer myself..saTisfactionn! yes, thats it. i shOp for myself, not for oTher ppl to see what i bOught, what brand i use... cOnfident..?yes, my boy owez asKed me, whats the diff using branded and nON-branded stuff. and i said, "i feel confident on it!" btol ke?sum ppl said, nonsense..! i said, up to yu! mY confidence, not yoUrs! heeeeee!m the one whO use it, not yu! heheheh..what laa i mraPu..gtg..GOnna get sum sleep..toMolo got verY importanT stuff tO do! weee!