Dear Diary..

Friday, January 28, 2011

hOlidey's cominG to its end..

Haihhh..haih...2 weeks of Day off are not enuFF for 4 months of nOnstOp workinG moNths..crazy? its moRe thaN thaT ican say..2 weekS full of relaxatiOns. shopping in bandunG. spendinG days wif boyfie with BowlinG and archery. new bB Bold 3. haviNg aLL bills n payMenTs settled. and tHe most important thinG - woKe uP late in the morninG! ayayai. nver BeeN dis happY yawl..! uhhh...bUt...m goinG to starT working again dis Monday...for another 4 months..nOnstOp..bUt i hope..I will have mY weekends off in suRgery..I hOopeeee!!plsssssss..heheheheheh..uh oH....anywey..lev typing usinG dis new keypad..aww awww!!hehehh