Dear Diary..

Monday, January 24, 2011


yes! nOw i kNOe wHy pPl's eye ShineS wHEn i tOld em m Going tO baNDuNg! Burberry. Gucci. LV. ChaneL. fred pERry. Armani exChaNGe! thaT made Our moNey fLew AwaY. ho ho! owh, and im Surprised, wHen papa Said nothinG at all wHen we SpeNT like A LOT (seriously) of rinGgit tO shop! fuH fuh! anD m so going To JalaN riaU and DagO again wHeneVer i wenT to baNDung. jUst to shOp. like seriOuSly. temPorary streSs relief. yeahhh at least.. afTer been traPPed in the hOspital for alMOst 4 monthssss and nOn-stOp. haihh..anD the besT part was when we tOgetherly sHop for mY coUsin's weddinG dresss and ouR theme coLOurs for her weddinG is golddd..wahh!hanisssss gettinG married..!seloNoknyee..!aaaa aNd they kepT asking me wheN is mY turn?and i said, ask him!hehehehehhehehhe..levyu boy.hehehhe..oh yes, the spa. very! thanKs to pak muslih. our loyaL drivers.

im Gona miss all The facTory Outlets, mee Tek-tek, mee Kocok, ahli gigi, and lott more!