Dear Diary..

Sunday, October 4, 2015

My labour progress.

Hello and Salam all.

It's been almost 9 months after the delivery. And this is the time for me to blog.Well, supermak. haih.

Today i feels like writing eveeeery single moment and stages of my delivery journey. itupun kalau ingat la. ngeh ngeh.


We had our so-called final appointment with Datuk Aziz @39w + 6d.
2nd BISHOP of the month done. The outcome - was just as same as previous bishop's. And as expected previously, the words that came out from Datuk's..hurm hurm "So, the baby is ready. You admit malam ni, we masuk ubat, you can already hug yo baby by tomorrow...Say..3-4pm?"
Adduhhh sayyang. Susahnye option ini. Tiadakah option lain? Macam..deliver sekarang tapi tak rasa sakit..?Or tak beranak tapi baby keluar otometik? Or, tutup mata tiba2 ade baby kat depan. ciku cak?ciku cak??! erious takde option wey. Either YES or NO.
So, yup. We said YES to that night's admission.

Later that night.
My husband drove me to Prince Court dengan penuh debaran dan kegirangan. Al-maklumla in less than 24h we re going to be the real 'mum and dad'. Bukan main main tp yang benar benar sahaja. I still remember telling my husband. "Esok lusa ni we lalu jalan yang same, tapi da bawak baby..kan?kan?". Hehe.

A warm welcome from the labour room staff cukup menenangkan jiwa yang celaru bak ikan gaharu cendana pula, sudah tahu bertanya pula.
Thus. the real journey begun. 1st cytotec inserted at 1030pm. Cytotec tu actually vaginal pessary untuk startkan labour process. Rippened the cervix to initiate the contraction. And yes, to make baby way outt jyeahh.....cardiotocography (CTG) straped up the abdomen and i cud listen to my baby's heart beat! Onyomnyom.


1230am: The midwife gave me the ravin enema, the medicine to clear out the instestine A.K.A ukk uk. Yeah anyway itu tak perlu cerita ye jemah \(*-')/
And me so the sleepy and so the sleep happily until jeng jeng, I woke up at 430am due to mild abdominal cramping.Ala ala period pain. In my mind. aaa sudah. Dia sudah marii ka....? And the pain came and went off. Fuh lega. nervous hokei.

630am: 2nd cytotec inserted. No pain, no gain. huwargh.

830am: Mild abdominal cramping. This time maybe a contraction?Yes it was a contraction. God knew how excited we were. We kept our eyes on the CTG machine, kalau boleh tanak berkelip tapi berair pulak mate nanti. Hehe.

1030am: Datuk Aziz came. Tersengih sengih. huhu. Artificial Rupture of Membrane (ARM) done. Pecah sudah air ketubanku yang ku simpan rapi selama 9 bulan. Dan arahan yang paling ditakuti. "Start IV Pitocin..". Within 5 mins of Pitocin initiation, the REAL contraction started.Well, tak sakit pun. Pernah rasa senggugut? ok, 13 kali ganda je. Oh, untuk yang lelaki..tak pernah rasa senggugut..?Hurm, pernah jatuh bangunan 20 tingkat? Tak saaaakit lah! kahkah. Datuk kept on asking me, nak epidural tak? Aku yang kononnye nk rasa natural birth ni.. dengan penuh ayu tapi confident - "takpe Datuk, i'm going natural'. Hambik kau, baru 20 mins start Pitocin, mencacau cari anest. EPIDURAL MEEEEEE..pehlissssss..kahkahkah! Supermak lah sangat kan? pengsan. Gile tak gile. Contraction macam saiko. Non-stop. No gap in between. all the way 4:10 kot. or 5 in 10? or 6 in 10? (anyway: PITOCIN tu adalah ubat yang dimasukkan ke dalam salur darah, tujuannya adalah untuk startkan contraction or untuk menguatkan contractions. Yang paling best, di saat ku memerlukan epidural STAT, my anest got one ongoing emergency case. And there's no available anest at the moment. And and and i have to wait for another 10-15 mins to get my injection done. **gigit bantal**.

1230pm: The pain was so unbearable. The os opening is only 2cm. The anest came and gave me my supermagical epidural. Well, lama sungguh nak effect pada nerves2 i! sakit doh. after an hour of the injection, i started to have this kind of numbness over both of my feet. Oh, don't forget about the contraction. Continuously until i felt like a ball stuck down there! Oh yes, its time!

1:23pm: There you go my babygirl! Welcome to the world! Fuh, fuh. Alhamdulillah. we are now one little precious family. Thank you baby Hafiz for the endless support and your tunggang terbalik melayan pushing moment of your sweet wife. Haha! what an experience! I'm sure want to go through this beautiful process once again!! tara!