Dear Diary..

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 39 and Day 5.

No signs of baby princess is coming out tonight yea.
No contractions.
No bloody show.
No leaking liquor.

So comfortable inside ke babygirl. How mommy and daddy feel like going in there and play with youuu..weeheheeeeeeeeeeeeee.............

Oh, i'm so happy that i could myself auscultate your fast heartbeat using my stathescope. For the FIRST TIME!! ooowwhhh... manis nye saat itu. Manis manis manis. Bile mommy nk denga lagi skali dah tak bunyi dah. Dah pandai main hide and seek ni. What a good progress! hahaha. Later i'll let daddy hear pulak ok. Kalau bernasib baik :p

Oh yes. Tomorrow my next appt with Datuk Aziz. Probably the final one? I wonder what he gonna say. Or decide. Or giving options, maybe? You want your baby's out..? Hell yeah! We misssssssss our baby so much!

Oh, that's her!! At 28th week of mommy's pregnancy. Bambam nyewww awwww tew tew tew. May you grow well and safe and sound and everything yang baik2 sahaje sayang!

We'll se you in NOOOO TIME!!!