Dear Diary..

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Charms. Oh charms. I used to think that charm is something that only certain people will buy. People that have nothing else to do in life except for charm hunting. Vietnam, Bangkok. Even to USA and Denmark? Who the hell did that except for the rich and famous? More money coming in into their bank account every month without thinking about working 8-10 hours every single day. uh oh. Can i be one them? huhuuu

anyway. Now, things changed. Why? Of course because of Pandora baby! Now i know why they are crazily into charms! (except for i'm not rich and famous. muahahahah).

                                          Here is the video on how they focus on the charm's making.

Baby Hafiz keep on wondering why Pandora is a choice while i can spend the money on a real gold. hahhaha. Yeah, its an investment. But the charms are memories! Which one you prefer? Krik krik, Hahahahah.(just say yes to Pandora daddy!)

ok, i think tats it for now. As a summary, women are different in their own way. So, just support them guys!

Till then yaw!