Dear Diary..

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Medical Officer i am.

Hello to myself. 12/12/12. What a nice date to start my career as a medical officer. At a district clinic known as Klinik Kesihatan Seberang Takir, Kuala Terengganu. Hello Terengganu. After an appeal by another, i lost to KKM for an 'appealing fight'. Thankyu KKM.
Well, anyway Terengganu is quite a nice place to spend your life away from usual life. With beaches everywhere, low prices of groceries you can get at Mydin mall and Subasun Hyperruncit, and..and..eemm..ape lagi. Ok i need to explore more. Haha.
I officially started working today. With the 2 sub-department which they called OPD (outpatient dept) and MCH (maternity child health) - which i try to avoid. Working under Dr Adam (my senior MO and a chief unit) is quite a relief. He helped quite a lot memandangkan aku cam kera sengal kat situ blur and tatau itu ini. But looking at how he's managing all the memos (meeting here and there, hari Aids, program this and that) making me feels so WADAHELLLLLL mann......
And the best part is (BEST SANGAT).. Tomorrow i will be covering OPD la la alone...(quek quek quek). Mmg mati kering la aku. Seolah olah di bakar di dalam oven dgn kpanasan 300' celcius level gaban alam. Ok positive. Positive, maybe esok ko akan lebih blaja berdikari utk manage patient. Yay! Yay! (nangis blakang pintu). Ok, tats it ah. Aku nak rebus buku hypertension and diabetes, lpas tu lumur atas dahi. Hopefully ingat smpi mati.
Cant wait to update tomorrow's entry. Nak update blog dlm keadaan mati kering.hahaha.

Cheers. Assalamualaikum.