Dear Diary..

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Its not the only time for travelling, BUT to:
1) wake up late in the morning without an alarm clock after a real late sleep
2) having nice coffee and breakfast at the kitchen bar while looking outside the window
3) watching tv all day long while mulut tak berhenti mengunyah
4) berjimba tanpa sebarang gangguan
5) lepak mamak after futsal session without even thinking of "oh esok kerja damn"
6) hanging out with Bubu at grooming center
7) lunch with baby like almost everyday :)
8) spending time with family watching all episodes of Super Spontan and Karoot Komedia.haha

So, hargai cuti anda yg tak seberapa itu. Yang paling penting, tidur itu harus!ahahahhaha