Dear Diary..

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hello :)

Day 3 post D&C - and i'm already walking here and there. Climbing up and down the stairs like no one cares. Ok. Hafiz cares. Dan berbuih-buih sudah mulutnya. But how meh? (do not do this at home).

Definition of 'pantang' - Pantang berundur sebelum berjuang. eh.Silap.

BERPANTANG a.k.a CONFINEMENT - refers to a condition where the mommies need to follow the rules of do's and dont's after the baby's delivery (kelahiran) OR after the miscarriage (keguguran). Nenek moyang dulu punya cerita. No wonder la, semua ayat pun ada bermula dengan "orang zaman-zaman dulu la". That is why when we ask doctors or other medical staff the term pantang is basically not exist. Apaa pon boleh..apaa pon boleh..ya kaaannn..??

Tapi, kalau tengok bebetul..ada jugak logicnya. Ada la jugak yang macam cool je, macam nk follow je, macam santekkkkkkk jee huk! Tapi kalau da sampai tahap tak boleh lalu bawah ampaian, kalau nak makan ayam kena makan ayam hitam la ginding la tegendong gendong la..dah macam pantang larang pakai susuk pon ade nih! Aku ni beranak ke pakai susuk? Cantiknye tidakk (tibe-tibe confuse). 

Oh. Some infos stated that if you had miscarriage when your pregnancy was below 3 months then your confinement period would be lesser and lighter. But if the pregnancy had been 3 months and above so you should follow the rules of the baby's delivery (wah!) The question is : IS IT TRUE?

Ok. Pencerahan oh pencerahan. 

Senang cerita. Follow your heart (But it's not easy, i know. It will end up with - follow your momma or grandmomma)

Duration : people said 44 days. Make it even worse 100 days. 
- 100 days? HUSBAND do not come any nearer. Continue the do's and dont's + do not have any sexual intercourse with your partner. Fullstop. Ceng ceng.
Ok, medically the uterus (rahim) will shrink due to birth, the cervix and vagina were traumatized due to vaginal birth and same thing happens to caesaerian- section wound. They need their own sweet time to recover and regain their original state. It takes about 4-6 weeks to recover (6 weeks x 7 = 42 days kan?). 100 days - Give it more time. 44 days? OK ler teww...

Foods and supplement : yum yum
- Why there are soo many foods that we need to avoid and the only few that we can take are so NOT DELICIOUS? i conclude : 1) To ensure the breastmilk that the baby consume is SAFE!  2) To make sure the good wound healing post-delivery. Itu je.  
- Snakehead fish (ikan haruan) is known to be traditionally healing the wound caused by the vaginal/caesarian birth. Yes. It's clinically proven too! The amino acid and fatty acid content is important in synthesis of collagen fibres during the wound healing. Gamat a.k.a sea cucumber. Their regenerative abilities are proven for wound healing process. Yes, we doctors don't give medication to heal wound after the delivery because they will absolutely heal naturally and the most important is to keep least medication for safe breastfeeding process. Say no to JAUNDICE baby!
But mommies, it will bring no harm to take supplement or trusted home remedies. Discuss with your doctors :)
- Egg, peanuts, wheat , yogurt, ice-cream, cheese : known to have allergen that can cause the breastfeeding baby to have allergic reaction  (especially if the family already have the history of allergy)
- Garlic? yawn. Baby will definitely not liking it when the milk tastes like garlic. Yaa kaaann..?
- Fruits: Avoid citrus fruits such as oranges, apples, pineapples - it may irritate the cute stomach and causing diaper rash
- Caffeinated drink : Wo, you won't let your baby to have insomnia and sleepless night yaww. 
- Fish : Avoid swordfish. tilefish. It contains high mercury level that can cause gases for the baby's stomach. Make it short, makan je la ikan haruan kome tu ye.

- keep the uterus in place. Avoiding 'jatuh peranakan' ya kannn...?Anyway it's good to bring back your pre-pregnancy shape.  Awww...

Walking/Sitting/sleeping position: Up to you la joyah. tak payahla kaki sampai atas muke husband ke, kepale bawah katil. Rare sangat tu. Sopan santun je la. Slow and steady. Why rush? Maternity leave 2 months minimum kan? Yang penting, make yourself comfortable. And i'm sure you will not be as comfortable as before during you first week after the delivery due to some few final uterus contractions you're having (uterus is working hard to regain it's old shape back)

Postnatal massage: No problem. Proceed if you want. It just giving you some extra energy.

Correct me if i'm wrong. I have less experience in this. Seriously.

Finally. Congratulations to all beautiful mommies out there! You've done aaa veryyy great job out there wherever you are. Iznee's so proud of you!

Woot woot!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The experience of MISSED ABORTION

It happened in a short flash of time. I knew i was pregnant 3 months ago. Its an incidental finding when i was about to book for my antenatal checkup on 31st October 2013. NO FETAL HEART. Repeated scan at specialist hospital - still no no no heart beat :'( It's a MISSED ABORTION.
Anyway, alhamdulillah. Allah smoothen the way. No pervaginal bleeding, no contraction pain. did my Dilatation & Curettage 2 days ago (19th November 2013) @ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital. Oh, thanks a lot baby Hafiz for the AIA you ni..! (Bukan tak nak pergi govt sbb kerja pun dkt ape salahnye try private side pulak..tak gitu sayang..?hahahahahaha jeng jeng)

Expected service and hospitality. I just love how Dato' Dr Ashar and the team handling the case. With just 2 tablets of Cytotec (it's a prostaglandin tablets that dilates the cervix for the baby to come out), the water broke and..and..and. nah.

                                    i wrote this while waiting for OT call tp td edit spelling.
                                                         Terus jd 21 Nov kat atas tu! haha

No doubt. The contraction pain is 90% unbearable. I wonder how all the beautiful mommies out there giving birth to a beautiful babies. So proud of them! Tahniah!

Big big hugs and kisses to my babyhero intan payung berlian permata emas dan 99-juta-karat gold - for being with me all the time, yes all the time. You give me strength while i struggled with pain. And i did it! I just love you so much to the moon and back Ahmad Hafizuddin!

Thank you to Papa Mama yang tunggu sama2 masa procedure. My brothers. Wan and Atok yang call hari2 from Johol. Love you guys.  Thank you everybody yang dtg melawat. Lawatan anda sgt Iznee and Hafiz hargai sampai bile2! Thanks for all the prayers.

Oh, thank you Ampang Puteri Spec Hospital. You guys rawk my 2-day hospitalization experience!

Thank you my baby, for the short-but-fun 3 months sweet experience you gave me. You taught me a lot and you give me more and more strength to prepare for your next sister/brother. Thank you.
May you Rest in Peace baby. Tunggu Mommy & Daddy dekat Sana ok..?

We love you so much.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Journey to HOME.

Hello :)

Been scheduled for my flight at 9:10pm tonight to Kuala Lumpur.
Suddenly, i changed my mind (lepas pueh eden mujok cik abe manis - gile susah weh nk pujok beliau!) to bring Swift home for a longgg long holiday. Ho yeah. Adrenaline rush baybeh!

4:45pm - arrived home. Shower. Solat. Buang sampah. Tidak membuang masa
5:15pm - cau sin ci. Heading home.

Arriving Setiawangsa after 6 hours. Quite a tough journey when you have to go thru heavy rain at the Karak Highway (lebuhraya berhantu..wuu wuu wuu)..takut tai bunyi tu? muhahahaha. penat weh! OK la..nk tido.

                                                                DUNGUN - 6:43PM

Yay! ade bantal golek malam ni! wuhu!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Hello :)

One patient came to me tonight. He had 2 cuts on his two left fingers. 
Working as chicken-rice seller at the pasar malam near my place. And he got that cuts while preparing the chicken for the customer tonight. And he chopped his fingers as well. Luckily, he still have his fingers with him. Alhamdulillah.

Wow, business is going on well huh uncle? Ramai sgt ni customer sampai tak sempat tgk jari ni...But he said NO. "Macam ni la dik...kerja takde mase depan..." I was like..huh? (sentap). 
He used to set-up a chicken rice shop before. But it didn't go according to plan. Lingkup. So he got nothing else to do but yeah continuing life. 
As a chicken rice seller. Moving here and there. Mana-mana pasar malam pon die ade. 

Looking at him. I feel like...if i ever think that my life is suck.. think again. There's million more out there are suffering more and more than what i think i am. Having no job. No money. 
No place to call - home. 

Bersyukurlah dengan apa yang ada. Allah lebih Mengetahui.