Dear Diary..

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The experience of MISSED ABORTION

It happened in a short flash of time. I knew i was pregnant 3 months ago. Its an incidental finding when i was about to book for my antenatal checkup on 31st October 2013. NO FETAL HEART. Repeated scan at specialist hospital - still no no no heart beat :'( It's a MISSED ABORTION.
Anyway, alhamdulillah. Allah smoothen the way. No pervaginal bleeding, no contraction pain. did my Dilatation & Curettage 2 days ago (19th November 2013) @ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital. Oh, thanks a lot baby Hafiz for the AIA you ni..! (Bukan tak nak pergi govt sbb kerja pun dkt ape salahnye try private side pulak..tak gitu sayang..?hahahahahaha jeng jeng)

Expected service and hospitality. I just love how Dato' Dr Ashar and the team handling the case. With just 2 tablets of Cytotec (it's a prostaglandin tablets that dilates the cervix for the baby to come out), the water broke and..and..and. nah.

                                    i wrote this while waiting for OT call tp td edit spelling.
                                                         Terus jd 21 Nov kat atas tu! haha

No doubt. The contraction pain is 90% unbearable. I wonder how all the beautiful mommies out there giving birth to a beautiful babies. So proud of them! Tahniah!

Big big hugs and kisses to my babyhero intan payung berlian permata emas dan 99-juta-karat gold - for being with me all the time, yes all the time. You give me strength while i struggled with pain. And i did it! I just love you so much to the moon and back Ahmad Hafizuddin!

Thank you to Papa Mama yang tunggu sama2 masa procedure. My brothers. Wan and Atok yang call hari2 from Johol. Love you guys.  Thank you everybody yang dtg melawat. Lawatan anda sgt Iznee and Hafiz hargai sampai bile2! Thanks for all the prayers.

Oh, thank you Ampang Puteri Spec Hospital. You guys rawk my 2-day hospitalization experience!

Thank you my baby, for the short-but-fun 3 months sweet experience you gave me. You taught me a lot and you give me more and more strength to prepare for your next sister/brother. Thank you.
May you Rest in Peace baby. Tunggu Mommy & Daddy dekat Sana ok..?

We love you so much.