Dear Diary..

Thursday, June 2, 2011

O'N'G = OMG!

It's been 3 days. Of ME being in OnG posting. Ppl said this is the most worriest, scariest place among other posting. Too early too judge. Looks scary after they put me in 1 week-tagging period with 3 EOD (every-other-day) call). You oncall yesterday, and you oncall back tomorrow. Boleh? :'(
   Anyway, lots of things to learn BACK. Since i'm Moscow grad, so many new 'beranak' terms to be learnt. Oh, not to be forgetten. All the midwives in labour room are SOMETHING. Some kind of psychosis kot?haihh..screaming to new taggers like they're the only one having damn stupid voice.
  Anyway, lets forget about it.
  So many things i need to cope up. From the knowledge, skills and environment. From how to conduct a baby, all the sequences after the delivery. All must be done with serious care. VERY care. If not, you will end up with writing an incident letter. Ouch. So far, ok la. I did my own delivery at 5 am yesterday, with one midwife yg sgt baik..! She taught me how to conduct a baby step by step. But i still slowly learning how to jahit the vagina. Ok, good sign ok. I was so GELI with all those MYSELF thingy tu before, but i slowly get used to it since i started with my OnG posting. Slowly...slowly..haish!~
  Oh, and the best part was, i already SNAPPED A CORD during my first call..!aduh..the placenta was so hard to remove and tight as well. So i just try to pull it out, ended up with CORD SNAP. And  Jui dgn slumberland nye berkate, " Baguslaa Iznee, aku tak pernah tgk real Cord Snap..". Bongok Jui.huhuhu..
  Wuargh~Zzzz.. Tomorrow oncall, sleep la now. tata.