Dear Diary..

Saturday, February 5, 2011

owhh he's sO sweet!

lyKe o-mY-gOd.we wenT tO kLcc for YOgi BeaR today. WhIle waitinG for hiM doing sum stuff  at the atm, I had My quick lOok on tHe barbie dolls (mY old-tyme favourite err untiL nOw btw..) At the tOys'®'us.I was attracted to this oNe barbie witH pinK guitar and with her cute pUrple mini skirt..Ɲ  was thinKing of buying it. tHen, my boyfie came in. tOld him I wnT to buy this one (I can expecT his funnY-lOoking face when I told him that). yeas, he smiled. gElenG2 kpale a bit. anD tOok the barbie froM me and straighT away to the cashier. paid. I was like..errr...what? he paid the barBie doll? serious Ke? (I can't even believe it, he din eveN asked me Lotsa quests, no bebelan..)..haha! and then, after that.I realize, that he reallY levs me. hehehehhe. he knOw really levs barbie since small, ad never kept mY eyes Off the barbie dolls everytime I saw em. huh, lucky I am to have him. I lev hafiz  so much, noone wud ever knOw hOw much lev this guy!!muah2!!


Friday, February 4, 2011

daY 4 suRgery dEpt.

MontH-5 of life..
ReaLLy taught me hOw tO b patienT. spending my tiMe for peoPle i never meT before. explOrinG their life history. makiNg peoPle comfortabLe by mY way of tellinG their family's sick condition. makinG sick people smiLe knowinG that they can gO hOme after days of injections and all boring ward stuff?
But, do theY ever knoe how mucH house officers suffer durinG their day of life?scolded bY seniors for thinGs they never did, thinG they never kNoe? hum, but its ok. its nOt going to be my way of teachinG my houseman later. I'm goinG to b gOod..reaL good..I promise.

HUrm..mY surgery postinG. so far so good. lUcky I have Nice colleagUe in my coLorectaL team. lini anD dEen. they tauGht me lots abOut adapting to tO ppl's ass and stUff. and all those shittY smell, has been mY new aroma..ugh ugH..gOd kNoes..haha! anYwey, specialisT and reG and are all good. hOpe la. I don't wanT tO hope mUch. hehe. anywey, surrouNdinG is Great. lOts of hOuseman from different teams. oh ya, paan bongoK also is in suRgery. uh, in endocrine and BREASTTT summore..he musT be haPPy guess?hahhaha!
Uh..okla. gona SambOng later!